AIR-OEAP602I-E-K9 office extend router problem [Closed]


My company provided me an AIR-OEAP602I-E-K9 office extend, when I connect it to a ADSL router (friend of mine), ALL is good, I see my company Wireless network at home and I can connect.
When I plug it on my TP-LINK MR200 4G LTE router at home, it does not work, I can't see my company Wireless network at home.

Just not sure what the problem is ??? Any help would be great.

Is the AIR-OEAP602I-E-K9 compatible with 4G LTE router ?
Is there anything I need to change on the MR200 or the office extend box to get it working ?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Thank you
Seeing your description, I don´t believe that you are needed to change anything on the OEAP602I and Also it is not believable to be an compatibility problem. What OEAP602I ask is access to the internet, so, any device is going to able to provide this should be ok.

Instead, I would recommend you to take a look is on the firewall configuration of TP-LINK MR200. Initially, it shouldn´t block anything but just you have to make sure that the 5246 and 5247 ports are not being blocked.

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