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My X devil boyfriend hacks my accounts and I don't know how in the world he does it no matter what! Please don't tell me to change my password..that's like me walking 10 miles in the rain and when I finally get somewhere to dry off..somebody hands Me a paper towel..not trying to be smart but this crap has went on for 2 years now. I have lost so much he will not give me my passwords. When I click forgot password it simply says we couldn't recover your account, then it gives me the link to try to recover it and I have changes my phone number and since he's been diddling in it he has PERSONAL PHOTOS and info that he literally trys to blackmail me with. He's a nightmare. But my whole reason is I love that Google is protective. But God knows when it gets to this point...where my x has full control over MY ACCOUNT, and I, MYSELF cannot even retrieve it then what part of that is right??? I mean if they were going to be THAT demanding for dead on balls ACCURATE info to be able to get BACK INTO THE ACCOUNT FOR THE USER, then it seems to me they should be that hellacious about not allowing the accounts to be hacked. I mean I've checked around, asked a few people and they went on telling me how they have lost so many memories and so much info based on things like this because Google just wasn't having it. And it's pretty damn sad excuse me for my opinion. But I'm big on memories ! Because however it sounds to u wether it be sweet, stupid or kinda lame, me not being a material kinda girl I think the precious things in life are priceless. MEMORIES BEING THE MAIN ONE! I have memories saved back of my decesced and none nowhere else. Literally. My house burned 2 years ago 3 months after I bought it and fully furnished it with new things along with every thing I and my mother ever had in our lifetime . Now I don't even have baby pictures or pictures of my father or family or nothing. It's like it's all been erased or swiped clean. I never thought I'd be able to get through that but I have managed. But thinking my things are okay with google, and them not be.. then demanding for everybody with a phone to use or Gmail as our email service is just wrong. Gmail is #1 and unless someone tells me other wise I've lost what little bit I did have based on an idiot I don't care to be with anymore. And trust me I've locked it down before many times with questions, changing passwords regularly.. setting up other numbers and emails I figured he didn't know and turn email alerts on as well, well,.. I got the emails the time I got the message saying an unauthorized user has logged in from a unreconized web browser or device, I click this wasn't me, and damn If I don't suddenly get another message saying my password has been changed, then by the time I try to change it again or log all devices out other than mine, he's done edited my personal information to where if I needed my password code or link sent to my phone or email or anything else he's done put his own info and erased mine before I could even begin to try. This ain't fair!! I mean at this kinda freakin illegal??! I don't want to contact the law. Wish I could just get back in and stop this crap! It's more than just a Gmail to me it's ALOT more deeper reason than just some account. Please no negative comments I'd just like some help is all! I appreciate it !!
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Hi Miss Jackson,

That was a very long paragraph, a lot of details, certainly a lot of anger and passion. Let me catch my breath back!........

So you wish to recover your Gmail account which you believe has been hacked. There is a way to recover your account but first answer the following questions.

1. When is the last time you successfully accessed your account?

2. How were you able to determine that your account was hacked by your ex and that the login and recovery information was changed?

3. Do you remember the last good password you have used that worked. (yes or no)

Please just answer the questions and please be brief.

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Hi... I will deffinantly be brief. I do apologise. I guess I'm kinda tense about it because I've tried so long and tried different ways to find out including different sites writing posts asking for help just like this and never got a reply. To see a reply at all was surprising but this soon made me very relieved. Because I felt like I was invisible so to speak lol. OK...Anyway, One thing though, there are Two accounts. One of them I haven't accessed I know in at least 2 years. This other one which may be somewhat easier to get into is a more recent one .

To answer your question to the best of my knowledge it would probably be somewhere around (4-5 months ) since I've been able to log into it.
Ok,.. I know it is him because of previous incidents this guy has done plus I've caught (his cell phone number, email, his mother's email, etc.) On there multiple times over a long period of time because like I said this has happened continuously for over 2 years. He's pretty good with computers, cell phones, etc already so anything he wants to do he can and has done it with no problem. Including posting very personal photos of me on Facebook. Because he got into my Gmail, email, drive, and so on.. I'm so embarrassed, so please understand why I seem so angry. I don't mean to put off so much I'm just fed up. Ok, I have old notebooks I use to try to keep in a safe place at home with my passwords abbreviated where I knew he would not get to them but every time I change my password I will try to Mark through the last one so I won't get confused but like I said if he's changed it I'd surely don't know it but it's possible that he didn't change it and just got in it I don't know how he could do that but I may have the password written down somewhere or one that I have used on it before if that may help me out somehow?

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19871 > MariaJackson -
I really need to know if you remember the password that you have used that was successful in accessing your account. Yes or no.
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