Easy File Locker not working [Closed]

 Seeker -

Previously the EFL works fine then I forgot my password. I tried the suggestion over the net by deleting my EFL user data and reinstall it. This works great and able to open the EFL without a password then "unlock" my folders in it. But when I tried to "lock" the folders again it won't work anymore.

I repeatedly click the "start protection" but still not working, the folders are visible and accessible. I tried uninstall and reinstall the EFL application but still not working.

I'm on Windows 10 64bit, does anyone know how to resolve this?


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The version 2.0 x64 worked for me. I have Windows 10 (ver.1809) x64.
Thank you

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Have you contacted the software maker yet?
I did, but no response from them as of now.

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