Internet explorer only is able to get into a few websites

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Thursday November 22, 2018
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November 22, 2018
I had to reinstall my xp last week but if I would have done it normally I would have been able to get online but for some reason I did it the fast way but the explorer I got only is able to get into a few websites but mostly when they show the links...and I click on them it brings up the can't display screen but it shows the image section and goes like normal but when ever I try to go to a link that's what it does... But if it can do that there got to be a way to enable it somehow to unblock everything so I can go online
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With due respect, reinstalling Windows xp may have been a mistake.

Have you also reinstalled windows XP sp2 and sp3?
No no... Normally when I do I am able to get back online and everything is fine because all of the set up files I have were saved and I could go back and get them after I had reinstalled the xp.. But this time when I did... I used the quick install that I did not know would wipe out everything .. Normally I don't use the explorer.. I use the Google chrome... But I had the service pack 2 and that would take care of it all... is something wrong with the explorer that it don't want to make a connection even though I am connected..through a wireless g card.. That is fully connected and running smoothly...But with the exceptions of just 2 websites everything else all it does is bring up the "page can not be displayed" error... When I click on a link....But but in some of the images in do show up when I click on those...But maybe..when the update reminders come in... They might have something that will fix it
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You will not get an update reminder. Windows XP is out and is no longer supported.

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