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how do I reinstall a audio device for windows vista it was accidently removed from my programs!
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1. Start

2. Click on "search"

3. Click on "For Files or Folders"

4. Type in "Recovery Manager" in the search bar on the right (it'll bring up the "Recovery Manager" folder and others

5 Click on the "Recovery Manager (shortcut) not the folder

6.The next window would say "Welcome to the Recovery Manager"

7. Click on "Advance Options"

8. Select "Hardware Re-Installation"

9 Click Next (this will bring up the "select a driver to reinstall'

10. Select your audio driver and click Next

11. That's pretty much what you have to do. But you need to restart your computer. Once you start your computer you'll get a message saying that your audio driver (device) is being installed. It'll take a minute or less. After that, your all set.

Hope this helps.... Let me know if you have any questions.

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Can u tell me the original directory of "Recovery Manager"
I Can't find it by searching... I tried searching but it didnt find recovery manager so wat do I do??

thanks for the help
Same Erm........It Really isnt working.pleese please please give me the answer/solution I think I have been looking for a solution for nearly 2 years now.
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thank you it worked flawlessly for me on XP
click on my computer
type recovery manager
advanced options

that's what I did.
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How do I install an audio device
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you reinstall it by going to google and going to reinstall audio devices programe
Thans! :)
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Nee Video Controller (VGA Compatible driver for installation.
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how do I do this if I have windows 07?
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do a search for the Recovery Manager filename, yours will be different. ( RecoveryMgr.exe )
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ther is no soundand audio
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good thanks