My Eclipse Mp3 won't connect properly [Solved/Closed]

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Hey, I have an issue with my mp3.

It's an Eclipse mp3, the newer version. I plugged it up to my Chromebook Laptop (which yes, is up-to-date on updates.) and it said it was charging. However, the icon "Removable Files Detected" Didn't pop up on the Chromebook screen. I checked files, allowed to show hidden files, but it still wouldn't show. I can't get any music on it now. What should I do?

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So you have always just side loaded the music into a folder, and not used the software? If you open MEDIA player and select SYNCH, does it show up there?

Thank you

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Does the PC see it as a folder in File Management? Like its a USB?
Where do I check? Do I go to file management? ._>
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or disk management
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Okay, I will check soon
Nevermind-- I found out the issue! It turns out I was using the charger to my older eclipse mp3 instead of the new one. Thank you anyways! :)

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