Sony Mp3 Walkman is not getting Detected !

 lin -

I have Sony Mp3 walkman player , Model number is NWZ - B133F

The Real problem is my Comp is not Detecting it, When I connect it to other Pc (WinXp Sp2) working, but not in mine.

Few days ago my comp was Detectin it,but not now. I even tried to install driver for the model, but I coul'dnt find it anywhere.
I even went inside My computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager> and I can see Walkman in Yellow Exclamatory mark (!).

Please somebody suggest me what to do, & able to Recover my problem.

Thank You,

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sony mp3 can be detected as removable disk
just sure your player is connected to pc
go to my computer right click>>properties> IN HARDWARE TAB select device manager>portable audio>right click select update drivers>click next>tick the option let me choose driver for this device>next choose usb mass storage driver from two options click next....
Thank you

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Thanks, Worked like a charm!
Thank you. Easy solution!
ty so much. had 2 walkmans over the weekend not being able to be read. glad that i got one of them working, with your solution...
Hallelujah !!! After 10 years of my Sony MP3 sitting in the drawer being an expensive FM radio ... I just followed your instructions and it works !! Thank you very much !
My mp3 player has a similar problem.i followed these instructions nd its working perfectly again.Thankyo so much
Amit's advice for *Vista (this will solve the "Code 10" problem) :

Open 'Control Panel'
--> Open 'System and Maintenance'
Scroll down.
--> Find and Open 'Device Manager'
--> Find "Portable Devices", click '+' sign.
(You will see MTP with yellow '!' sign)
-->Right Click, select "Update Driver Software..."
-->select/click the option "Browse my computer for driver software"
-->select/click the option "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
-->(there should be 2 options here) select/click "USB mass storage driver"
-->click next.
That should do it :)
Thank you soooo worked
Amit, you are a genius !!!!
This worked ! Many Thanks :)