How to install tar.gz file on ubuntu

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 papilonaa - Dec 23, 2012 at 06:53 AM
can any one help me.. I had download file that have extension tar.gz. I extra it already but I don't know how to install it. can tell step by step?coz i'm new in ubuntu

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unzip the the file using

$tar -zxvf program.tar.gz
$tar -zjvf program.tar.bz2

change directory into unzipped folder


cd /download/program/



and the get into root


sudo su (for suse su is enough)

and enter your password..

make install

your are done.... cheers...
i have the same problem I dont know where to unzip and what to do after those explanation upwards are so un clear I dont understand none sorry!
tar -xzvf filename.tar.gz
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Aug 1, 2009 at 10:20 AM
I am guessing that you are new to linux and might appreciate a few other links

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)
i am also new to linux but this might help you.

you need to extract the file, then you enter the folder that is extracted through terminal. Then you should see avaulability of folder src and file configure. if that is not the case I cant help you. but if those files are present then on the terminal you've opened type "./configure", after some lines coming and going, you should again type "make", and then at last "make install" then the program gets installed. if this not work as planned or some message shows to get dependencies you should get them first.

hope that might help you!
<quote>should see avaulability of folder src and file configure. if that is not the case I cant help you.</quote>
Seems to be a general theme in Linux, special circumstances for everything. I am done wasting hours trying to accomplish a task that requires downloading 4 or 5 packages only to find "that is not the case". We can't all be programmers, so until some standards are implemented for a wide variety of applications(beyond text edit, games, email and web) Linux will continue to stagnate at <1% of the desktop market. But hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing for those who know how to install/use the tools.

Yeah, I've been trying since Dapper, days lost getting ralink to work static w/ wpa. days lost getting ati chipsets to work(single, let alone dual monitors) only to have it all screwed beyond usability in one driver update that cannot be turned back. Starting from scratch again? No thanks, free time is over, it's only educational if the learning is applicable outside these annoyances. Will try again when X window is fixed, graphics drivers work, packages INSTALL the 1st time.... or when hell freezes over. Whichever comes 1st.
Have to agree with you maj. I really love linux as one of my hobbies, and also that there are so many functions and manipulating I can do with it that just cannot be done in MS windows OS's eg, full partition manipulation, much easier networking ability,trying out all kind of software free of charge and so on. But yes, I like this challenge and learning how it works and how to get things working and breaking them and re fixing them,, but to use it for my day to day work.?? I very much doubt Ubuntu could handle it without a lot of frustration. I certainly could not imagine my wife,father or mother would be able to use it when MS windows just manageable for them. MS win is certainly much easier to use over all for the mass PC users.
Until these fring OS's really get tested on the regular users and get taylored to thier abilities and not just on all us geeks, then it will never make the match as a day to day OS for more than that <2% willing to soldier on with it. The day I could confidently pass this OS's to my family to use, will be the day it will then be a serious threat to MS win.
cheers, Jc
If .deb was the standard like exe for windows, Ubuntu would be a threat...however it was kind of nice to watch a malware site tell me that my windows system was infected and tried to get me to run an exe when I was running linux.
Let's see, I have installed one program from the software center (piece of cake), ran a .deb install (easy), installed a program packaged as a bin (learning experience... RPM not do-able?) & now a TAR.GZ .
MS had similar package issues back in the day but with XP, your grandmother can now install herself a virus and not even know it. some days I'd rather be in the 1%.
hay please clearly ! how do I bring the unzip folder into the terminal? and then? thanks