How to install another OS on HP dv41123 us

 prasath -
I have HP dv4 1123us laptop and I want to install another OS windows 2003 server on my laptop but when I try to install another OS its not allowing me to do it .Any body has a solution to this problem please share with me

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If you had vista originally installed on your laptop! you will have to change the sata operation on bios settings! change it to IDE mode!
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In order to Install Win XP,you must first go into your System BIOS and see if there's some options for SATA such as Native SATA or AHCI. If so, disable them and then try to install XP.

The BSOD screen is the result a of sata/raid issue with XP. So disabling AHCI in your BIOS will get rid od the BSOD.

Worked for me AND I had Windows 7 Installed.