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  • Developer BlissLabs
  • Version 16.9.4
  • License Open Source
  • Language en

Bliss OS transforms your PC, tablet, Chromebook, or MacBook with Android's versatility, offering optimized performance, customizable interfaces, and robust security in a sleek package. Dive into a seamless, flexible computing user experience!

What is Bliss OS?

Bliss OS is an open-source operating system that extends the features and flexibility of Bliss ROM to a broader range of devices, including PCs, tablets, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. It is designed to offer a rich app ecosystem and the versatility of Android across various platforms, enhancing productivity and entertainment possibilities. With its roots in Android, Bliss OS is distinctive for its performance optimizations, extensive customization capabilities, and a strong focus on user privacy.

Available in multiple configurations, Bliss OS adapts seamlessly to different hardware and user preferences, providing a personalized computing experience. Whether you're looking for a system that supports touch interaction on tablets and Chromebooks or a more traditional desktop setup for PCs and MacBooks, Bliss OS delivers with its choice of interfaces. It provides an immutable system setup for enhanced security, is pre-rooted with KernelSU for deeper user control, and offers superior compatibility with ARM and x86 applications. This wide-ranging support ensures that Bliss OS is a comprehensive solution for users seeking to bridge the gap between Android's mobile convenience and the robust capabilities of desktop operating systems.

Important note: Bliss OS 11 & 12 builds are no longer maintained, but don't worry; we offer a valid recent version.

What are the key features of Bliss OS?

  • Elegance in design: Imagine diving into a digital space about sleekness and minimalism. Bliss OS brings this vision to life, offering a bloatware-free zone that keeps those adware apps at bay.

  • Optimized performance: The operating system is meticulously engineered for optimal speed and stability, incorporating adjustments specifically designed to accommodate the most rigorous use cases.

  • Personalized settings: Here's where Bliss OS really shines. It's like having a digital canvas, ready to adapt to big screens and compact displays, allowing you to tweak and tune until everything feels right. Seriously, it's very comfortable.

  • Flexible UI choices: Whether you're craving the desktop look or the tablet vibe, Bliss OS has got your back. Mix and match or stick to one; it's all about making your system resonate with your personal style.

© Bliss OS
  • Immutable system setup: By default, Bliss OS comes with an immutable system configuration, guaranteeing the integrity of the operating system's core by keeping it unaltered. This design maintains the root file system of the immutable system in a read-only state, facilitating a secure method for updating and maintaining the essential system architecture.

  • Pre-rooted with KernelSU: Bliss OS is breaking new ground, being the pioneer in including KernelSU by weishu. This function lets you grant root rights directly to applications and install Magisk modules without having to install Magisk directly or modify the system partition.

  • Enhanced compatibility: Last but not least, Bliss OS is all about bringing your favorite apps and games from the small screen to your PC, with ARM/ARM64 support. Enjoy smooth streaming with VA-API hardware acceleration and take control like never before with the latest XtMapper keymapper for keyboard and mouse integration.

© Bliss OS

How to use Bliss OS?

As usual, with OS installation, you should definitively consult the documentation.

Is Bliss OS free?

Bliss OS is free to use if you're an individual. If you're a company, check the licensing terms.

Is Bliss OS safe?

Bliss OS is considered a safe, open-source project. Moreover, it uses an immutable system set up by default, meaning the root files are read-only so that you can update and maintain critical system structure securely.

Is Bliss OS good for gaming?

Yes, Bliss OS offers very satisfying performance, especially for low-end configurations.

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