Help me i cannot find my mp3 [Closed]

 RonanForhan -
I don't have windows explorer I only have google and I still cannot find my mp3 player

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So, you have a chromebook, that does not have an app that plays mp3's? Is that situation? Connect to the play store and search for mp3 player.
i don't have a Chromebook either. i have a crappy a f OS that cannot download anything called a Kano. i have to use LXTerminal.
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I would load in UBUNTU!
i have a rasperry pi
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i think your is ubuntu OS, think you can get android simulation app, bluestack could help
then download an mp3 app.
i think they support your OS
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Hoose, your link is for windows. The op already said he has a non windows os. No value.
yeah. i run on a rasperry pi

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