How to play audio files directly in Chrome

How to play audio files directly in Chrome

Google Chrome features an integrated audio player and although it is quite limited in terms of functionality (only one track can be played at a given time), it may become quite handy, in some situations. This article will show you how.

How to play music files in Google Chrome?

This method works for both Windows and Mac computers, and works for most music file types, from MP3/MP4 to FLAC. 

  • To play an audio file with Google Chrome, simply drag and drop the file over Google's Chrome interface. It isn't possible to drag and drop multiple audio files, and once the audio file has finished playing it won't automatically start again. 
  • You will see this window and your music will start playing immediately, as demonstrated below:
Google Chrome audio player gif
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Google Chrome audio player extension

If you want to get more features and functions, you can also download and install the standalone player in Google Chrome browser as an extension.

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This desktop extension player for Google Chrome uses the FFmpeg library to decode audio files and supports a large number of codecs including MP3, MP4, FLV, WMA, WebM. It can work offline and also has advanced features like VLC Player such as boosting the original volume, support for playlist and keyboard shortcuts, track repeat and others.

You can download Google Chrome audio player extension here.

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