Audio only dvd creating program from wav 24/96 [Closed]

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Does anyone know of a program now available that can create a dvd stereo only requires with audio un compressed for 24/88.2 of 24/96 ie ana audio dvd .I know it requires a minimum video content. I previously used Goland and Apollo DVD creators which wont work on win 10 .
I do not want a script program

System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 65.0

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Have you attempted either of those two in Compatibilty mode. Right click over either of the programs shortcut, and select Troubleshoot compatibilty. Seelct the level of os that wish to run it in. Post back with results
Hi and thanks for reply.
I must admit to trying everything over the last few months including compatble modes. Ive also tried 20 plus So called DVD authoring programs mostly the 20 or so common video ones that always appear. Nero Iksoft etc.
Only Some of these Apps create an audio stream in the TS folder as video but when I investigate the output it has been chopped back to 24/48 .ie the dvd original spec , The rest range between , cannot accept wav, only wma to non acceptance or conversion etc Some actually import 24/96 and chop it down to 48?.. Investigating further I believe some firms which have closed down have sent an update to the pc file somewhere in the registry which prevents the program from booting.Sneaky.
Eventually my last resort will be buying a spare Windows xp PC or laptop.

Do not buy another pc, but enable vurtual machine within the windows 10 os. Go to windows features and see if the machine virtualization feature is available. If it is not, boot into your bios and see if there is a bios setting to enable virtualization. Most have to enable it at the BIOS level before unlocking the windows feature. Post back if ypu have that option. I will guide you through configuring a virtual xp machine behind your win 10. Its fun!
Wowsers Despite my many years of expertise I had not thought of that. I Seemed to think compatability mode did that.
Current problem apart from time and energy is the PC Is really FULL. Hence the desperation for Goland Audio DVD creator to work.
However I will transfer lots of stuff to One Drive to free up space and give it a go soon. Whether it is fun or not I will let you know. ?
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I didnt cinsider resources when I proposed that solution. XP is not thin niether.