Erase changes my Illustrator outline [Closed]

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Hello everybody!
There is something I can't change on my software, when I use the eraser (here on my Wacom pen) on a part of my outline, the drawing changes by himself, and I can't find out where can I change some settings to make this doesn't happen.
Is somebody knows something about it?

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It sounds like you are using the wrong tool. You might think it is an eraser, but it might have three or four different funtions of how to erase. Make certain you have the ERASE function, and not something else. Keep probing and you will find the drop down fpr each tool.
Yes, it's really the erase tool, I'm sure of it.. But when I'm checking the settings, I don't find the good one to change this thing.
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If you rifht click over the tool, does it bring up any other options or features?

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