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When I moved from Brunswick, Maine to Presque Isle, Maine last year and had to change my email, my Facebook account became disabled. I have tried everything to log into my account with no success. I do not want to make out a new account , because I will lose all my friends, photos, etc. What can I do? My new email is, ***@***

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Apr 29, 2019 at 11:30 AM
What forced you to change your email?
When I lived in Brunswick, I had Comcast for my internet provider. After I moved to Presque Isle, my provider is Spectrum. They are the ones that told me that I had to change. I couldn't get into my old email either. I'm 78 years old and I've probably messed things even more. Please help me to be able to log in to my old account.
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Apr 30, 2019 at 07:36 AM
Never post your information freely in the public such as you did. You are asking for troubles fom the WHOLE world!

I unferstand this is too late, but always use a non ISP email address for common accounts. That way you will not be forced to change.

There is nothing ANYONE can do, unless you registered a recovery email address, or have a mobile number on record. You coukd receive a code to your mobile phone if it is in record. That will allow you to gain access to change ypur account to your new email. If you cannot perform the mobile message task, there is nothing anyone can do. Please do not call any numbers, they do not exist. Please do not pay anyone to recover it, they will take your money, all of it, and still leave you with nothing, but a bunch of phone calls and scams.

Be safe when using online services. Your computer will never call out to anyone to tell them you have a virus. Dont fall for scams over the phone to fix your computer, or your accounts. Always take your computer to local technician and ask for help. They may be able to assist you with this matter.
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