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Dear sir/madam
Pls help me back my personal account.
My Facebook account the owner of the that acct

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 74.0.3729.157

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Thank you for sharing, we beleive you are the owner. Too bad that we are CCM.NET and not Facebook. Perhaps you need to contact Facebook for assistance.

Pls help me back my Facebook account already send my government family can't contact now.pls give action
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We are We Do NOT ENABLE OR DISABLE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS! Facebook does that! Do you understand you are notifying the wrong agency? There is nothing we can do about YOUR ACCOUNT! Account management is NOT a technical issue. There is NO technical fix for VIOLATION of TERMS OF SERVICE!!!!!!!

Get it? If you feel that THEY (being FACEBOOK) made a mistake, then go to and contact them. After you get to, on the bottom of the oage, there is a link called account security. Click on it and read. After you have read the page, enter in your id to see if you were disabled because of the account security issues. If you have, follow the instructions that are presented to you. If you need help, contact facebook support (none exists). Either you can service your own account and fix it, or you can't!

Already send my government id

Pls help me back my account I am the only one owners of rosenette Nobleza Alcairo Facebook account
Thats nice! Thanks for clearing up the issue.
Did you find your id on the account security page? Did you even read what I posted? Did you read the page? Do you even understand that you are not communicating with facebook? Can you read English, or just translating your statements and posting them?

What is your mothers maiden name?
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What if her mother never was a maiden?
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You got me!

Edetha valiente NOBLEZA
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Ok, so we have proven you can understand what is asked.
Now the next question is:

What portion of we dont enable facebook accounts because we are not facebook; do you NOT understand?