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I recently got a new device and was trying to login my account on my new device I went in and and it said I needed a security code, so I went to my hotmail typed in the code correctly and it said it was not correct after I sent a another one and another and it showed the same code over and over again and of course it said it wasn't right I don't know if it was because I was using Hotmail for this or this is just Instagram's problem. Thanks for your kind help.
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Thank you
Why did you go to your hotmail to enter your code? I am confused.

Why are you sending codes, you should be entering codes.

You do know that IG had an outage? When was the last time you tried to send?
Hi, sorry for the confusion. I was asked to input security code which was sent by Instagram to my hotmail. But strange enough that the system was kept telling me the security was wrong which was absolutely right.
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