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Hello, I kindly need your help.
I've mentioned that almost all even smallest companies have thousands of followers on Instagram. I've read a lot of articles how to attract new followers and I followed the instructions, but it doesn't really work. I mean I create a unique and qualified content, do regular posts, use hashtags.. But there are very few followers gained.
Can you recommend me something in order to reach my idea?

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This is a technical forum, we only discuss philosophy when it comes to hardware or networking technologies. SOCIAL MEDIA is not a technical arena, but a social one. There is nothing anyone can do about lame or uninteresting content being produced. There are best practices for content creation, and you have already touched on them. Because those practices are not working for you, there is really only one thing, the content!!!!

so.. you want to say social networks, apps etc. are not about tech? :))) or what? But if the content doesn't work, what to do? Maybe find a solution!? no? The user just asked a question, what's the problem?
There is NOTHING TECHNICAL about social media. Click a thumb or post a picture is hardly technical!!! When was the last time ypu needed to know how to make a linked server connection in order to bring more snapchat followers? Do what everyone else does that is successful at these platforms, sell sex, sell a product, or have a dang cool life style that everyone is jealous of!!!!!