Which macro (of many) changes the data in my workbook

I am working with an old macro enabled spreadsheet that has many tabs and many macros. On one tab I have a column that reports "yes" or "no" when the program is run based on different data inputs. I am trying to find out what is putting the data there. When you click on the cells it simply shows text with no formula and there are no "precedents" that show. How can I find the macro or formula putting the data there?
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Thank you
Hi Gary,

That is hard to say. My advise would be to use Ctrl+f on all the codes you have and look for the sheet reference.

If you can't find it, then consider uploading your workbook (always be careful with sensitive data) using a site like wetransfer.com and then post the download link here. If you do, then mention which cells on which sheet is changing and with which action the change happens.

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