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These days I have a new laptop and all my iTunes files are still on the old computer. so i wanna get all my content from my iTunes(also in my iPod) in my old computer to my new laptop. I know one easy method is to copy the content in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music. But I don't like it because it will mess up all my other information like my playlists and ratings created all by myself. But I want to keep my play lists intact after the transfer. I want iTunes to be exactly the same with my ratings, play lists saved when I transfer it all to the laptop.
Later someone recommend me some products. Actually two products can make it but I am confused which one is more worthwhile. One is kind of iTunes backup(official name is Aniosoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer),with which you can backup iTunes library in any storage device with no change and risk and then these backup files can be imported and restored into another iTunes in other computer. The other one is iPod backup (the official name is Aniosoft ibackup ) which enables you to transfer iPod's music and other content to any storage device and iTunes as well. And both the backup in the storage device can be recovered and restored with no any change and no any risk. And the data in the iTunes is quite in accord with the iPod's data including its playlists, rating and etc. so if i use this program i will transfer my iPod to the new computer. And their price is quite same -$29.95. so the point is which one I should buy to make this transfer and it might be more worthwhile in the future as an iPod user.
Any idea?

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each user has his/her own need and preference.

so you may try both and then compare the two softwares.

or try this link to get help from Microsoft:

Full Guide: How to transfer music from ipod to new computer?


Hope it helps.
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Jun 18, 2009 at 12:00 AM
ok,i have resolved this problem . i chose Anisoft iBackup because i think there must be much more chance for me ,as a iPod user,to use it including backup my iPod in advance in case of being crashed or unfortunate stolen.