Password recovery for Yahoo issue [Closed]

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I have had My same phone for 4 years so anytime I logged into my yahoo on a computer or other device

it will as me on my phone if that is me logging in and I click on the green check. Well My phone completely went black out of nowhere ! I got a new phone with the same number but of coarse I have to verify it is me cause its a new phone so because my other phone is black screen I can't check yes!

My Question is , is there any way to get around this ? my whole life is in there! FML I knew I should have not put that on my phone! But i had that email since 2004 and I started to get hacked from the mid east!

TYIA! I hope to find a solution.

also is it worth to pay the $5 to contact yahoo!? you think they can work their magic?

System Configuration: Macintosh / Safari 11.1.2

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Contact Yahoo account pro.

Click on on LEARN MORE.

CLICK ON sign up now.

Yes, use them.

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