Calculating normalized standard deviation in rolling window [Closed]

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Please how do I calculate normalized standard deviation in a rolling window for positive and negative values?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 78.0.3904.108

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Subtract the population mean from the individual score, then dividing the Difference by the population standard deviation.
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Thank you.
Please is there any code I can use because the data is a large sample size.
Which part of subtract and divide do you have issues with?
I want to calculate it within a given interval. I want to calculate for three years rolling window, because I am using three years to calculate for one standard deviation point at the same normalizing it so that the value will be between 0 to 100.
Ok. Find the mean of all values.
Subtract that number from your data point. You should have a measurement for each MOMENT IN TIME. Do you understand so far?

Now, take those .new measurements, and square each one. Find the mean of the new squared values. Take that new mean, and find the square root. That is the deviation.
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