How to set up T-Mobile account permissions?

How to set up T-Mobile account permissions?

T-Mobile allows customers to set account permissions to manage the access rights to each account. This is helpful when you have multiple users with access to the same account and would like to limit the functions of some of those users. In this article we'll show you how to set your T-Mobile account permissions to have total control of your account.

How to change T-Mobile account permissions?

T-Mobile offers four permission levels: Primary Account Holder (PAH), Full Access, Standard Access, and Restricted Access. For an overview of each permission level, see the T-Mobile Permissions page.

To change your T-Mobile account permissions, go to the T-Mobile website and enter your account credentials to log in. Then, select Profile, and click Line Settings. Next, select the line you want to modify, then click Permissions. Choose the permission level that you would like to apply, and click Save.

N.B. Permissions cannot be modified on the T-Mobile app.

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