Speeds act the same when using 512mb or 3gb r

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i tested both rams, the 512mb by itself and the 3gb by itself. Knowing that 3GB RAM should be faster (not only bigger) they both run the same, but this happened AFTER i combined 256MB ram pieces along with the 1GB to make a little more than 3GB RAM on my computer.

Really the only difference between 512 and 1GB ram is the size. 1 bigger than the other. Not the speed or things like that. Aren't 1GB ram sticks suppose run FASTER than 256MB RAM?? I'm really in need of help.

Is this weird? because isn't the clock speed suppose to adjust automatically no matter how many times u switch ram. Did i mess something up?

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Jun 18, 2009 at 02:58 AM

this depends on which applications you are using.

a 1GB RAM will help if you are running several programs at the same time.

if you are running only one application which requires little memory, both RAMs will work at the same speed.