Need for Speed most wanted install problem

 sarfaraz -
i can't install nfsmw when I install this game its show "d3x9.23dll" problem n sometimes its show "speed.exe" problem plz give me a solution of this problem

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The problem lies with DirectX, either the minimum (to get the game to start) isn't installed or it's corrupted. Simple solution head over to Microsoft's website and download the latest one or go here:

To download it instead (it's really the same file either way). Install it, if it successfully installs then, try starting the game again. If it works I was right, if it doesn't well you're on your own.

Last resort suggestions (ONLY to be tried after my 1st recommendation!):

1) Uninstall the game, restart computer then reinstall game

2) Install the latest DRIVERS for your Motherboard and Graphic Card or Chipset and install the latest WINDOWS 7 updates!

3) Get the PATCH for the game version 1.3, install BEFORE opening the game only! NOTE: The patch replaces the original speed.exe file with version 1.3 and ADDS a few more files.

4) If using a CRACK: copy it to installation folder and OVERWRITE the original.
NOTE: The crack must be ONLY be VERSION 1.3.

5) Open the game one last time and pray that it works...
NOTE: If it still refuses to open the SWITCH the compatibility to XP SP2 or 3 it should work with these setting.

If problems persist then DOWNGRADE operating system to XP (SP2 or 3) Vista (any SP) or WAIT for windows 7 SP1 to be released.
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I just used alcohol 120 to make an image of the first disc on my HD, mounted it. Then opened the folder I copied it to (EX. NFSMW ect). Open the folder "Autorun". Open the file Autorun.cfg in your favorite text editor (Notepad++ ftw).

Look for DirectXVersion=9.0c and change it to DirectXVersion=0

save it, then run Autorun.exe located the main folder you copied your files to (NFSMW).

Use Discs 2,3, and 4 for the rest of install.
thnx man...superb trick...nice job......i\
god bless you thanks
thanku so much
Thank a lot, this method is working on windows 10 ,64 bit.
Dude for running Need For Speed in win 7 Op system you need to install a patch. try googling for the patch.
well this is the link of the patch if it works but its for 32-bit processors.