Compaq presario wont come out of sleep mode!!

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I have a Compaq Presario with a WF 1907 monitor. I was using it one day, just doing the normal things I do on the computer and it just went to sleep on me in the middle of my work. I tried waking it up as I usually do: pressing the auto/select button on the monitor continuously, turning it off by holding the off butten then turning it back on but none of these seem to work,when usually they do! I can't seem to get the display when I reboot it. Usually at least the HP homepage will come up, but this time nothing. I have turned it off adn left it off for a few minutes but still the same result. Help please!!

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there must be a problem with your ram memory.. you just have to remove it.. clean it and put it back!
Wow! It worked!!! Thanks for the info onea97! A lifesaver! =)