Hp dv6000 wireless drivers [Solved/Closed]

 ankita11 -
please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv 6000
windows vista.
thank you

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hello I have the dv6000 also and mine is doing the same thing as these other two. When I try to turn it on I can hear the fan running and the blue lights are lit up but the screen wont turn on. After about 10 seconds it turns off, then reboots without me touching anything. Its about 14 months old and I have no clue what to do. I appreciate all the help I can gather just e-mail me at cviaches219@hotmail.com thank yoU!
I have the same problem. Have you solved it? I appreciate your help
I also have a HP dv6000. 2 days before the warranty expired, my laptop would come on, lights all there, could hear the hummm but the screen was black. I also had a fine white line across the screen (when it did work). I called them and mailed the computer back. They replaced the motherboard which brought the computer and screen back to life. Then I mailed it back AGAIN to have the screen replaced so that little white line would go away. After about a week my wireless "blue" light is orange and won't change. I'm going to try some of the fixes I've read on here, hopefully I can repair it myself since my warranty is now gone. If not, I will plug in a wireless device and keep going until the whole thing self destructs! I like the laptop but after reading everything in these posts, I'm convinced that we all made a bad decision to purchase this particular laptop.
Mine just started to have the same problem the only way I got it to start up was to unplug the power adapter and with the laptop OFF I hold the power button in, while I'm holding it in the laptop turns on then off, I then release the power button and just press it normally and it starts up. Worked for me so maybe It might work for you.
My DV6000 same thing. bought it just over 2 years ago. HP online tech told me that my warranty has ended and that he could help me if I pay $69 for 1 year teach support. I told him I am not paying them $ to get told info I have already found on internet, that this computer is garbage. He took another 20 min come back and admit that this series of computer has this common problem, only way to fix it is to pay $300 to replace the mother board. get this, they are so SURE that this repair will solve the problem that they will give me 90 DAYS extended warranty. Go figure.

I have tried everything people have suggested, but none work. I think I am going to take your advice, get a wireless device ($50 a pop), and I really would like to see this thing self destruct. Piece of garbage, never again will I buy an HP.
my lappy wouldnt load the os. I have a dv6140us hp pavillion. it would cut off as soon as the os loaded they told me the same shit. they said ive the 300 bucks and they would fix it despite acknowledging it was a manufactures defect. since I was out of warranty and broke I did the penny fix. I took it apart and added a penny to conduct more heat. it worked!!!!! yay!!!! anyway. just installed a freesh windows 7 and did all the updates and now my wireless card is not even recognized. gonna reflash the bios and see what happens. good luck
hp laptops with AMD cpus have a over heating defect that causes eventual death of the motherboard
buying a usb wifi adapter only prolongs the usefulness of the lappy
after the wifi goes expect the motherboard to also die in a few weeks to a few months
i have 2 dv2000s and they both have experienced this problem
hp does know about the issue and has extended the warranty to 2 years after the first symptom, usually the wifi card dying
they may be difficult when issuing the RMA but if you insist everything should be free - including next day shipping back and forth
good luck, and I am never buying a HP product again

don't forget to keep regular backups after that wifi card dies, because you now own a time bomb
OH god I read the replys and everything they stated is currently going on with my laptop right now...the only difference between us is I don't have insurrance, how much is it and what package do I need to be able to get the problems fixed!! EMERGENCY PLEASE SEND ME A EMAIL nate.garrido@gmail.com EMERGENCY PLEASE SEND ME A EMAIL
I have the dv6458se and my problem started after the 2 years warrenty, It was working great picked up the internet, I shut it off the next day it would not get the internet. One of the HP managers called me and I was told that the problem was the cooling fan and that it didn't do its job as a result the motherboard got fried, and that everything is connected to the motherboard and when I asked why my screen was blacking out she told me the same thing, that the motherboard was fried. The short is you have to have your motherboard replaced or buy a new coomputer, is what she told me.
hey!!! try to fix it by yourself you can find the directions in youtube. I did it and it worked perfectly!!! type "fix a motherboard"
Mine overheats as well, but this weekend I was using one of those cooling down devices.. I don't know what they are called, but you sit your lap-top on top of it and everything was fine. However, yesterday when I closed my computer and re-opened it, the light was staying orange on my wireless and not connecting.. I restarted it and, problem fixed, then I shut the computer again and when I reopened it, it wouldn't work until I retried this morning. .. does that mean mines about to die as well?? =( I'm planning on getting a new computer, but what do you suppose the time left on it is?
Mine started acting up in January 2010, it was purchased for me for mother's day in 2008. Every time I turn it on, it stays on for about 5 minutes and then shuts down. It takes about 30 minutes before it will turn back and then shuts down again. Had a commercial HP tech look at it and he said it was the motherboard. Totally sucks
My laptop crashed and I needed the wireless driver for compaq presario v6000 model 2005, xp pro with median

could send me the drive.

nice to hear about the warranty upgrade on the dv6000, i've been working on the wireless not working for about 2 wks now. I thought perhaps I opened something bad that shut it down, but good to hear i'm having similar problems with the HP as others. so it's the comp not the sites...thanks

i installed the latest winsock and it worked
DV6258se - Wireless stopped working and after trying to troubleshoot the problem I contacted HP's online chat support. The tech had me install latest drivers(again) then determined the problem was the ongoing issue with the wireless card. Long story short, the laptop is being repaired or replaced as we speak will update once resolved.
I recently found our why my wifi wasnt working on my comp... There is a screw that needs to be screwed in directly under the keyboard right above the mouse pad. If that is not inserted then your wifi wont work.. Maybe it could be that the plastic the screw goes into has broken and its loose. Another thing.. Make sure you dont disconnect your keyboard on you laptop I had to go buy a wireless one cause I couldnt ever get it to work right again..
please send me the drivers for a HP pavilion dv6000 with OS Vista that correct the wirless adapter to get the light from amber to blue again. Thanks
Could you also send me the information on how to get my amber wireless light back to blue? also any information as to why it changed. Thanks Renee
can you send all the wireless who can be install in my usb for my vista laptop thankyou Emiljano
If you find the drivers I need them also os vista hp dv6000

I purchased a used DV6000 that was dropped and the screen was black. I opened the plastic cover that frames the screen and at the wider area at the bottom center of the screen there is a small rectangular circuit board under the plastic. At each end there were single plugs that go into that small board. They were out. I plugged them back in and the screen started back up perfectly. after fixing that, I still had an issue with the sound and power button not working. I purchased a new sound/power cable ribbon off ebay and when I took the laptop apart to fix it, I noticed the other cable had just come out on one end (it fits really tight but probably when I was fixing the other, I hadn`t noticed it pull out). I replaced it anyway and both sound and power also works great. Not a bad deal for $150 bucks.
There is a recall on selected compaq presario models regarding their wireless. Downloading drivers most likely will not fix your problems
im having the same problem. the only thing different is that if I don't plug it into an external monitor, it wont start up. the lights turn on, you can hear the fan turn on for a second, then it'll just restart. you might have to fix something in you back light or mother board.

Firstly, I wanted to re-install a fresh copy of vista so I done so. When I turned on the laptop I noticed the desktop graphics were poor. I right-clicked on properties to change the resoloution and I realised that it had a standard VGA installed. After alotttttt of searching I realised that the HP website actually has everything you need. The main issue is that when I went to HP's website it was asking for my model number. The top of my laptop has DV6000 , so I enetered that in and downloaded all the drivers and this didnt work. I went back to HP's website and used the AUTOMATIC DETECTION (you download this to find out your exact model. you can download this on the same screen as it asks you to enter the model number.) Anyway I found out the exact model number and download the NVIDIA graphics card downloads. (i think there was 2 downloads that came under the GRAPHICS catagory). Anyway do that and restart your laptop and you will now notice that when you right click on the desktop you will see the NVIDIA CONTRAL PANEL column.


Hope this helps, as I was searching for 5 hours trying to sort this out. Within minutes I had the drivers exept for the NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD.

I also have a problem with wireless connection. Even the co processor and the cd rom was not detected by my laptop, I need your help, thank you.
I am trying to fix someones laptop. It appears they might have cracked thier screen due to being a bit rough in the handling of the laptop. Does anyone have any info on replacing the screen on this model?

I have problem to setup wireless connection

I have a Mini HP 2133 and I can connect with my other laptop to the wireless , but my new computer can not the wireless router... do I need a driver ? or wireless assistant. I am working on Vista Home basic.
Thanks Charlene
you need a new mother board most likley contact hp they will fix it even if you dont have warranty
hello, my wireless built in card is not working, I dont know what should do, please tell me how to fix my vista hp laptop
thank you
My computer was working fine as well one day and then all of a sudden it stopped registering wireless networks, please help. I used my recovery disc but it didn't work.
Thanks in Advance!!
i have the dv6308nr and my wireless network doesn't work! please help..
I had the same problem with my wireless. I found out that there are quite a few recalls on the hp dv6000 right now and the wireless is only one of them. My dv6000 eventually would not even turn on. I call hp and because of the recall they gave me an extended 1 year warranty. Within 3 days of the call I received a box with everything I needed to ship my laptop to hp safely, all the way down to the tape to tape the box closed. They paid for all shipping. Twelve days from the time I shipped it I received my laptop back COMPLETELY fixed!