Hp dv6000 wireless drivers

tama - Jun 20, 2008 at 10:57 AM
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please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv 6000
windows vista.
thank you

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Aug 17, 2009 at 10:34 PM
The hp all model is problem one so u try to fix use hotfixs realy u cont mean must change wifi card
HI, my HP Pavilion Dv6000 has wireless, but suddenly when I try to the wireless the it still lightens Orange, and not blue ???

Have reinstalled Vista, but with no succes, tryed to remove the wireless assistant program, but it reinstalls itself ????

What can I do, or what should I do ?? Please help me .. :(
I've been dealing with this problem for a while now. I got this laptop as a replacement for another HP model that caught on fire due to faulty batteries. Luckily no one was harmed as I was able to get the laptop out of the house while it was still smoking, just moments before it burst into flames. This wasn't a DV6000 laptop, just to be clear.

Anyway the DV6000 worked great for almost 18 months until the wireless died. It was out of warranty, but they replaced the motherboard under the service plan that's been linked in here a few times. That was last august.

Well fast forward to last month and the EXACT same prblem has happened; no wireless. I called support, the guy told me that it was the wireless adapter so I spent $40 on a new one. Just put it in and no dice; still doesn't recognize the card. Called tech support and spoke to a case manager and was offered the $259 discounted repair service like some others on here.

The problem with that to me is that this is a repeated issue and is a known problem. I am pretty sure that there are lemon laws that protect consumers from such stuff. I understand that I did receive this laptop for free, but it was only because the one that I had bought caught on fire and was destroyed. I got some great use out of it, but I would expect to get more than 12 months out of a product that was selling for $1400 at one point. The fact that it has already been repaired once (apparently unsuccessfully) leads me to believe that it is a manufacturers defect and should be a non-chargeable repair. It isn't like this is a one time issue or a fluke.

Just to let others know, do not buy a cardbus wireless adapter, it runs on the same bus as the internal wireless card and will probably not work. I've decided to buy a USB wireless adapter and see if that works.
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Oct 18, 2009 at 04:00 AM
I have the same problem I even reinstalled vista from a restore disk I got diectly from them. I replaced my wireless card..and it still doesnt work and I called hp before I did all this last month sept and they they siad my warentee was up in august..does any one know if the wireless switch for the dv6000 is soldered to the board or is it scewed on like some of the rest of them..
I might have a little solution for you guys.. I had the same problem on my HP pavillion dv6000. De wireless button light stayed red(off), even when I pressed it. The following solution worked for me on OS vista home premium.

Step one: If you do not have a password on your computer account, make one.
Step two: reboot your computer until the password box appears
Step three: In this stage of the booting process, try to enable your wireless
Step four: Login with your password.
Step five: if you want to, remove the windows password(not recommend since you might have want to the enableing in the future while booting)

The light of the wireless button should have become blue again. You can now turn it off and on if you want to.

Make sure that if you shut down your computer, that the wireless is enabled. If you login to your computer with wireless unabled, you will have to reboot again, and enable before loggin in.

Hope this helps
i like your sollution but it not workes with windows vista 32bit just worked for vista 64
thnx for your help
Hi I have the Hp pavilion dv6165 running windows XP (what came with it) and the wireless card stopped working for about 2 weeks the light was orange in the on or off position but recently after I disconnected then reconnected the card the light turned blue but it still does not work and it is blue in the on and off position I restored it before and that helped for a few hours but it stopped working again my solution was to buy a USB wireless adapter.

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POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Hey just thought Id try to help since this problem drove me nuts. A lot of people are not going to like this but I guess it depends on what you're willing to do. Im an electronics technician so I was aware of the risk in doing this. Its no secret that the wifi card in most of the DV6000 models is a thermal issue. These little cards get effin HOT. I got my card to work for 5 minutes once after I installed a USB wifi so I knew the thing wasnt blown or anything. Devices arent going to just decide not to work theres got to be a reason. I decided to take a risk since the laptop is more or less expendable for me but I know not everyone has the luxury.

Heres what I did: I removed the card while the computer was on. I took it out and re seated the card. When I re inserted the card I heard the windows notification sound that a device was REMOVED. So I took it back out (I hadnt even screwed it down I was just holding it in) and let it cool down. I then decided to try a little trick that sometimes works with printed cards and micro components. I was thinking maybe under the high temperature conditions the card became semi permanently warped. I the it in the freezer for about 5 minutes and very carefully wiggled the card around after it had reached room temp. Sometimes under thermal conditions these micro components lose connection. Lowering the temp will cause the metal to contract. Usually :) I slapped the card back in with the computer on but I didnt hear a notification or anything. I screwed it down and closed it up. Its been working just fine now for a week. I lost it once when I left the laptop on so I turned it off, let it cool down and came right back up. I bought a laptop ventilator so ill see what that does. So anyway, I hope this helps out.
hey there,

im just 15 & can u help on how to do the BIOS thing .

i dont really know how to do it ..

please help me , please

here's my email : jel_me13@hotmail.com
I have a dv6448se, it got stuck on the "installing updates, 3 0f 3" rebooting loop, so I had to reinstall my operating system (according to HP chat). After doing this, my wireless did not work (didn't show up in Device Manager).

I chatted with HP and they could not give me any solutions, so I thought I was out. I work with Pro Tools on my laptop (audio recording software) and this would not start up either, so I contacted the manufacturer.

Their solution was simple: Windows upgraded my Explorer to Explorer 8, and this was causing the problem. I uninstalled the update for Explorer 8 and the program worked great. On a whim, I checked my wireless and it is now working perfectly. I'd say it's worth a shot.
I was having the same problem everyone else is having, wireless adapter stopped working & BIOS.
I bought a Linksys compact wireless G USB adapter w/ speed booster and it actually worked, it is working NOW!
It was easy to install and seems to be a little faster than the internal wireless adapter. Only set me back $40
It's worth a try.
Feb 2, 2010 at 11:32 AM
Wireless card not recognized by the device manager.
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02-02-2010 09:09 AM

Having my IT employees along with myself do exhausting research in regards to to the wireless card not being recognized by the device manager on a HP Pavilion dv2000 this is what we found. I wrote to the ceo of HP and thought I would share. Hope this helps. Also please see the HP web page on this problem.

HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement Link.

I would like to talk about the recall on the motherboard of the laptop HP Pavilion dv2000. After doing research on the problem of the wireless card not being recognized by the device manager,I contacted HP support via the phone and found that after the gentleman had identified the computer I was calling about was that I understand that before we went any further payment was required as there was no warranty to cover any problem do to the age of this computer. Having read something else on line about this problem I decided to try another approach.

I went to the online chat at HP and the gentleman was a little more sympathetic and offered a few downloads to try. I was told that if the software downloads did not work it was a hardware problem and it would cost for the repair due to the fact that there is no warranty to cover this issue.

I have deduced that it is the motherboard that is defective and needs to be replaced. I was told by the same online support person that there was a recall on the motherboard but that there was a time frame on the recall and we did not qualify. I have a problem with the time frame on the recall. To me a recall is a recall in this case.

I am the IT director for 2 companies and have always worked with HP products. If I thought that this product would only last approx 4 years I would have looked for another model. I feel that the motherboard or video card or wireless card are not normal ware parts,they are not mechanical there for should have a different warranty. I have advised my hardware purchaser's that from this point on I will give them more time to do better research looking into hardware problems on products before we purchase.

*Side Note: we did the bios update and installed new drivers for the wireless card . We have not replaced the wireless card as I was told by hp support it was the motherboard. I will not replace the motherboard we will purchase a new computer because the cost to replace the motherboard is just a little less than a new computer. I do not have a problem with HP products as a whole and our companies will continue to purchase curtain HP products.
Hey guys!
I have hp pavilion dv6000
I had the exact same problem yesterday untill now. I researched thru the internett and found this site. Some of you guys said that I had to reformat the whole laptop, update bios, send it to the HP company. well.. on my first try I updated bios and got the red light on my wifi (red light is displayed IF being off) into blue light (means the wifi is on), after updating my bios.

my problem was that my wifi didn't turned blue light even though it was turned on so I didn't find any wireless networks and I couldn't find my wireless network on the "device manager"

so yeah, just thought of sharing this to you guys.

Thanks for the ideas! hope this helped some of you.
I have been struggling with this problem for a while now and I tried everything from heating up my motherboard to replacing my wireless card. Nothing worked but I finally seem to have solved it, atleast for myself. For those of you whos wifi conked out suddenly, I think I have a simple solution. DO NOT REINSTALL or DELETE windows. Simply restore it to a point in time where it did work. Keep you wifi on (towards the right) thoughout this process. I dont know exactly what the issue is, but this worked.
Sorry you need to keep the wifi OFF during the whole process and turn it on after windows has loaded completely
I need wirelees driver its urgent (dv6000)

I have read the many responses here. Most are correct with what to do. I have fixed 100 percent of these systems (DV6000, DV9000) and have not failed again.
You MUST dis-assemble everything and do the reflow for those systems that dont show video but all lights come on.
You will have to do the following;
Clean fan and fan fins, blades and area (must dis-assemble)
after reflow, add arctic silver 5 and copper shims to the GPU, I sell them on eBay under username suthrn1 (but you can do it yourself). You will need 24 ga copper cut at .75 x .75 inch. dont over apply the paste, you only need a small thin transparant layer on the GPU chip.
re-assemble the laptop and turn on.
Once the screen is operational, get online and download the most recent bios and reflash the chip (It would be best to download with another computer prior to turning yours on but the addition of the copper shim will prevent the unit from overheating again (dont forget to remove the little thermal pad on the GPU, if there). The new bios version will set your fan to run at a constant lower speed and wont hurt your system)
For those not comfortable with doing this and are not able to find a salesperson to accomplish this for you at a reasonable fee, I will do the reflow at a very good price. Find me on eBay as suthrn1.
Hope this helps you all out. This is a proven fix. I have a DV9000 running right now after I did the reflow, added the shims and updated the bios. Works like new.
lol give me drivers
I have two DV6000 computers. Both experienced wireless problems. One, however, has been working flawlessly for over two years with Vista. The other one has been plagued with problems. I have finally come up with something that has not been mentioned or tested on any site I have been to.

I noticed, and so has a few others, that their wireless problem started after an update. All this complicated crap about overheating and motherboard problems is completely false. See, I decided to get my old laptop back out since it had been in a corner collecting dust for over a year because of the wireless problem to see if I could find an answer. I took out my wireless card and installed it into the other dv6000 I have that works. My card fired right up. So that told me my card was good. So I started doing fresh installs of every operating system starting with the first service packs.

To my surprise, my motherboard and card works just fine. The only operating system my wireless will work on, is a service pack 1 version of Windows XP. Once I update to SP2, it stops working instantly. Why? I have no idea. I have installed both Vista and 7 with fresh installs and no luck. My computer has been working perfectly fine for over 6 months now since installing SP 1 of XP. It's a software issue. Not hardware.

Why does it only work with SP1 XP? I have no idea. Why doesn't my other DV6000, which is the same exact model number and was even purchased on the same day from the same store work perfectly fine? No idea. But I found that this works for me.
hi man look maybe the install is incorrect or the problem with teh windows that you used if you can try windows vista 64 bit sp1 its fast for ur laptop and take a drivers easly
Go Device Manager, then either Update or Scan for any Changes.
This is the answer, just go to set-up from bios and enable wireless.
pls send me hp dv6000 bluthoot and wireless drivers
please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv 6000
windows xp professional.

thank you
Configuration:windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 3.
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Feb 13, 2013 at 02:08 AM

Please send me wireless driver for hp pavilion laptop DV6-6B25TX windows vista...

Please send me..

Thank you so much..