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 luxe -
I have two columns, booked date and las rev date for 2021
If the dates in these two columns are between Jan 1 - 24 then it would be a jan report date
If the dates are between Jan 25 - Feb 24, then a feb date, etc.
I then need to do this same thing for 2020.
What would the formula look like? so far I have (was trying to build it off another formula but am having issues

=IF(ISBLANK([Booked Date]@row), 0, IF(ISBLANK([Last Rev. Date]@row), IF(AND([CHECK FOR COMPLETED]@row = 0, TODAY() > 24, 0), IF(AND([CHECK FOR COMPLETED]@row = 0, TODAY() > [ACTUAL - Finish]@row), 1, 0))

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Would you like to easily enter a date by using the userform that opens by double clicking the cells ?

I have created a useful userform that it contains many features to quickly add date to the selected active cell.
In the pre-selected column of the worksheet (column or columns can be selected with the codes that added to the Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick procedure), the year, month and days are sorted in the date userform that displayed by double-clicking on active cell. By clicking on the days listed as the buttons, the date is entered easily the date to active cell as dd.mm.yyyy or mm.dd.yyyy. Day and month names are generated according to the user's system language.

Also,if there is a date in the clicked cell , that date is displayed in the userform as year, month and day.

Source for codes and to download sample userform : https://eksi30.com/add-date-to-cell-easily-with-excel-userform/
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Hi Luxe,

Not sure what you mean by "jan report date". Do you mean an actual date or the text?

Can you show some sample data for better understanding?

As I understand it now, you have for example 4-1-2021 in A2 and 20-1-2021 in B2 (d-m-yyyy). In this case want a "jan report date" as a result.

=TEXT(B2,"mmm") & " report date"

But this can't be what you are looking for, right?

Best regards,

I have a date range. The initial booked date and the the last revised date. I need a formula that reviews these two columns and the date range given up above so that I can determine which month the dates are in. This is for a report for accounting.

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