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Good Day Mam/Sir
Im christine Batitis Reyes active user of facebook i want you to know that my facebook account has been locked in march 29,2021.
I dont see any option to confirm my information.
Please help me to recover my facebook account

Thanks facebook support

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If you prefer to reset your account, you'll need to answer your security question that you picked when you created your account, which will prove to Facebook that you're who you say you are. Alternatively, you can pick a friend on Facebook that you trust and give them the nominated URL and retrieve a security code.26 Jun 2020
But how can i pick a friend when my facebook has been locked? And where can i find URL that i give to my trusted friend? Do you know some other way to unlocked my facebook account? Facebook isnt sending me a security question its also not rplying my email

Facebook account locked
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Account has been locked
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