MP4 player corrupted and unreadable

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I'm having problems with my mp4 player which is nearly new. Every time I connect it to any computer and double click on it, it says:
"Drive unaccessible.File or directory corrupted and unreadable".
Every time I right-click it, it just makes "My computer" not respond for some minutes and I can never access the option of formatting the drive. I have everything backed up so I just want to format it. Any idea how I can do it?

Thanks in advance

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connect your mp4 player to computer without restarting insert your windows xp disc & start installing windows at the page where discs shows select your mp4 disc delete its partition & create again. after u create your mp4 partition .don't go to install windows just plug off sys.... & start your old windows & than format it.. u will be able to format it ...............................
Thank you

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It may be a virus ! if i were you i would go back where i bought it and ask for another one if the warrant is still valid...