I Was Hoping To Look at a Log File To Determine Cause

FlyBot791 - May 8, 2021 at 02:33 PM
 FlyBot791 - May 8, 2021 at 02:35 PM
Surely, a person can not be expected to go through days worth of troubleshooting (guessing) to determine an issue when it can be narrowed down with a simple log file. Where is the log file I should be looking at to determine why my brand new computer keeps shutting down randomly approximately every 24 hours, and also during the day while I'm in the middle of working. A message appears telling me my computer is going to reboot DESPITE HAVING THAT FEATURE TURNED OFF! THIS IS CONTINUED ORWELLIAN TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION TO FORCE UPDATES I DON'T AGREE WITH! How many other people are having issues trying to stay hidden from demonically possessed cowards and order following authorities just out of principal?

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Similarly, when I tell my phone "NO UPDATES" that means "NO UPDATES...PISS OFF!" Now they have rigged the system to force people into accepting the updates and terms. THIS IS DUE TO THE COMMUNIST ZIONISTS who are attempting to turn the USA into a Communist country. The names of all people who are complicit in making this happen are being recorded for future attacks when it is appropriate to attack defensively, as it is right now! In other words, if you don't back off with your manipulated rules, laws, and regulations, designed to entrap a person into surrendering their freedom and sovereignty, we are going to attack those who have created these tyrannical rules of oppression. Eventually, someone is going to show up at your doorstep to have a few words with you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!.