Backup made this morning at 00.38 am size 11gb, now seems only 1.4gb

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Hello everyone! I desperately need some help im afraid I've lost 10 years medias and maybe messages..
Yesterday i had to format my mobile, so i prepared everything and at around 00.38 am (this morning) i made a local and google drive backup. It was 11gb of media on drive. Today i did hard reset, restore all file and apps with Smart Switch and installed Whatsapp. When looking for a backup it found the 00.38 backup...BUT...with ONLY 1.4gb!! I have no idea why but seems like I've lost about 10gb of medias.. any ideas of how to force drive to find my 11gb that i backed up just yesterday??

Actually two days ago i had some problems with whatsapp..that's why i needed to format. Before doing hard reset i trying recover whatsapp data from different "msgstore" files.. on one of these attemps, whatsapp when looking for the backup it found a only 1.4gb backup.. but then changing "msgstore" database file it came back founding 11gb my guess and hope is that 11gb are still available on drive, i only don't know how to get access to them.. please guyyyys any help??? I'm really broken... :(((((((

System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 89.0

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Pleaseeee someone help me with this..i still dont know what to broken for this...
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Jun 18, 2021 at 11:29 AM

Before proceeding, I recommand you to create a copy of your WhatsApp backups in another storage, like your SD card to avoid losing them in case of a problem.

Once the backup file to be restored has been renamed from "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12" to "msgstore.db.crypt12", uninstall WhatsApp. If the number of the crypt extension is different from the one in the example, don't change yours.

Then, reinstall the app and select Restore when prompted to restore the backup.

If WhatsApp restored the wrong backup, rename the previous backup that was used to "msgstore-OLD.db.crypt12" and repeat the steps above with your other backup file.

Good luck