Login approval loop, little options

amy - Dec 8, 2021 at 06:11 PM
 Amy - Dec 20, 2021 at 06:32 AM
Overnight I was suddenly hit with this "login attempt was blocked...please approve login..select four correct comments you recognize...etc...I got the four comments correct two different times and it wouldn't go, there's no option but to approve it from another device, I dont have that option, I did try to send my ID but that too failed, twice, Its really important that I get back in, on top of it all I have a Fb page with approx 13,000 followers, if I've been hacked I might be in trouble! Thank you thank you!!!

System Configuration: Android / Firefox 95.0

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Hi, yeah I had the most inconvenient loop of all, I do believe! I have a Humor page connected to mine that I have developed over nearly ten years with followers in the six digits!, so I was frantic.

I ended up doing numerous things, making a dummy account so I could atleast check my main page out, I went to my profile and did the thing where you click on the three dots by your profile name and choosing the retrieve account option, finally I was able to upload my state ID, they sent me a couple emails almost immediately, but with links that didnt work, or temp login passwords to change mine, but nothing worked.

I ended up sending my ID a total of four more times and only got confirmation once, after two+ weeks I uploaded my ID once again and within two hours I got the link and it finally took me through the steps, and someone had been doing odd things on my Humor page and in my profile, so yeah, it was a waiting game, and very frustrating, also, once I got in I had to install an app that spits out codes when FB thinks something is fishy, not sure if any of this helps!

Good luck, I hope you get in soon!!

-Amy ♡♡