Mp3 Not Connecting To Laptop Or Showing Up

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Monday March 14, 2022
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March 14, 2022
- Updated on Mar 14, 2022 at 08:50 PM
Hello, I Had Just Bought This GFHFG Mirror Clip Mp3 Player. It Is Brand New. I Connect It To My Laptop Which Currently Has Windows 11 And When I Plug It Into The Usb Drive On The Side Of The Laptop, The Light On The Mp3 Turns On Letting Me Know Its Connected Via Usb And Charging, But It Also Should Connect To The Laptop As A Usb Device But It Never Shows Up. I've Tried Both Usb Drives On The Side, Turning The Mp3 On And Off And Nothing Has Worked. I've Also Went To Device Manager And Checked The Usb Devices On The Usb Device Manager And The Mp3 Doesn't Show Up At All. The Cord It Uses Is A Usb Not A Micro Usb. I've Tried A Couple Of Different Usb Cords And It Still Doesn't Work. Is There A Way To Fix This And Get My Laptop To Pop It Up And So I Can Put Music On It? I Use An Hp Laptop With Windows 11 On It, I Don't Know If Downgrading To Windows 10 Would Work. Let Me Know If There Is A Way To Fix This. Thank You

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 99.0.4844.51