PC fans start, but PC won't boot

Random4 - Aug 3, 2022 at 08:45 PM
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So, I had this problem after I moved, my PC was left in a box in a car for 2.5 weeks (I know now that this was stupid), but I can't seem to find the issue. (due to some research) I just replaced my power supply, and nothing seems to have changed, I'm wondering if this could be a motherboard issue, but that is really my last hope, any other diagnosis?

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Aug 7, 2022 at 11:48 PM

The issue of your computer won't boot but fans spin can be caused by some problems with the power supply.

If your PC won't turn on but the fans spin for a second, then overheating might also be the culprit.

There are three main reasons why your computer won’t boot but fans spin:

  • Poor power supply
  • Overheating
  • Failed components.

When the power supply to your computer fails, then it won’t start or power up, but the fans spin regardless.

Similarly, when your computer won’t boot but fans spin constantly, it could be a sign of high temperatures or overheating in your computer.

If not dealt with, this can cause your computer to fail or refuse to boot until it cools down.

If your fans spin beyond the normal way, you need to check that the airflow around them is not hindered.

When your computer’s components are faulty or damaged, they can prevent your machine from booting. Such components include RAM chips, motherboard, and even the BIOS.

1. Disconnect external hardware

This involves unplugging or disconnecting any external hardware such as printers, USB drives, and scanners, among others so that you leave only the basic components before trying again.

Of course, I suggest unplugging the power cord and removing, primarily, all external peripherals and then moving to the internal hardware.

2. Reset RAM chips

One of the reasons your computer won’t boot but the fan's spin could be bad RAM.

In this case, remove the RAM from its slot, then clean it and return it back to the same slot or try a different slot altogether.

The best way to clear RAM is with a cloth and gently. Don’t apply any liquid. You can also try switching positions of the RAM cards to different sockets.

I recommend you a new RAM memory. 

Check the motherboard

If you see a yellow or amber light on, it could indicate a bad motherboard. Sometimes the motherboard could have bad capacitors, which may cause the computer not to boot but the fans to spin.


Change the power outlet

If you open your computer, remove all connected devices and expansion cards, then turned it on again and it still won’t boot but the fans spin, then you’re probably looking at an issue of power supply.

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons your computer may refuse to boot but the fans spin includes a poor power supply.

Hope the above mentioned solutions helps you out.