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Smiley M. - Jun 29, 2009 at 04:38 PM
 Kim - Jan 21, 2010 at 02:54 AM
I am 12 years old and I do not have a DSi but I am asking for one for my Birthday. I was playing on my cousins and I wanted to go to abcfamily and watch TV episodes. It said that I would have to download Flash player but it wasn't available for the Nintendo DSi system. I thought that it was only that website I couldn't watch shows on. I went to another website and tried to watch TV but it didn't work yet again. I really want to be able to watch TV on it because if I am not allowed to have a TV in my room and I love to watch abcfamily. I would love to be able to watch abcfamily on my Nintendo DSi. My Birthday is in 1 month and I am going to get a DSi and I am disappointed because really the only reason I wanted a DSi was because I cold take funny photos and watch Television. I hope that the company will change the system from Opera to Internet explorer. This is going to be my 13th Birthday and I really want to have a special Birthday and be able to watch Television on the DSi.If you do change the Opera system to Internet explorer(which I REALLY hope you do!!!) will it change all the other people who have already bought the DSi with the Opera system to the new Internet Explorer system? I really hope it does because I am going to get the DSi in about a month and if the Opera system has not been changed by then, then I will not be able to watch T.V. and that would be so horrible for me. Please Please change the Opera system to Internet Explorer because it will make not only make me EXTREMELY happy but a lot of other people aswell!!! Please. My 13th Birthday is on the 25th of July and I hope that this will be changed.

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you think of everything that you have just read very thoughtfully.
Please email me.

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hey smiley nintendo wrote a forum about the flashplayer on the dsi and said that they r working on it
Okay, I lied. I am only turning 12 too on July 26th. i really want to be 13 though. send me ur email so we can email eachother. That would be cool.
Heh heh, well; you're a good writer! ^^;

....Now, what was I going to say? Oh, yeah; I've heard somewhere (in many places, actually) that Nintendo is working on installing Flash Player for the Nintendo DSi, and it should be ready in the next year or so.... so you wouldn't have to wait long! ^^;

It would be a free download, I'm assuming.... I mean, what's the point of even DOING it if Nintendo asks for DSi Shop Points to download it?!?! XD That way, only the most desperate would do it.... toodle-oo! ^^;

By the way, I absolutely LOVE the way you worded that: "and that would be so horrible for me."

XD Sorry, I just have fun finding little sentences like that. Like this one, that my sister made up (because I got a pink birthday card in the mail from my orthodontist -- I'm a girl, and I love pink, so that isn't a problem, but....) because I was asking her if there were different colours of cards: "I mean, how would you feel if all you got for your birthday was some pink birthday card that said, 'Have a happy, colourful (PINK) birthday!'" XD XD XD XD

*is laughing so hard (AGAIN) right now* XD
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Oct 29, 2009 at 07:01 PM
click aqui




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mobile myspace and facebook work great on the dsi and pichunter.com is a awesome website
....I lol'ed SO hard when I read this; you have no idea. XD

Well. ANYWAYS. If you want Nintendo to HEAR you, PLEASE email it to them -- DON'T post it here. They're not a Nintendo website, y'know. ;)

ALSO, I don't think they will change the browser. Opera is already the fastest web browser in the world and Internet Explorer is, like, the SLOWEST. They don't need to change it to Internet Explorer; have you realized how long it will take to reconfigure the system?!?! :o And just how SLOW it would be then?!?! The DSi Browser is already slow enough without slowing it down even more!!!!

Plus, I don't know where you got the idea that if they changed it to IE abcfamily and stuff like YouTube would work. Have you never used Opera on the computer?!?! These things work just fine!!!! :o The web browser is NOT the problem. (I use Opera.)

Ahem. *clears throat* ANYWAY. I'm done my little rant now; I know what the problem is!!!! :o It's the fact that the DSi isn't capable of downloading Flash Player yet -- and that's really ALL that they need to fix. ;)

If you DESPERATELY need to watch TV, then go out and buy yourself a laptop!!!! :o I'm 12 years old and I don't have a DSi; I'm livin'! ;)
Opera is one of the best browsers, I currently use Mozilla Firefox. I think Nintendo picked a great "Barebones, fast Operating system".

The browser isn't meant for heavy load sites like Myspace, Facebook, [Enter social site here]. It more designed for sites like, IMDB.com, wikipedia.com and other "Informational" references. So on the fly you can do research, find out trivial information you were thinking about etc. Same with the PSP browser. They arent high Memory devices for the Web.

When possible try using the Mobile versions of sites if you want to cut the load times down. Facebook and MySpace both have Mobile versions. You wont see all the glitter of the PC layouts but you will get the info you need, status updates, messaging capabilities, even limited photo browsing.

Even the PS3 and Wii browsers aren't that fully functioned. They do both have Flash, but some sites will lock up because they transfer too much information for the browser to handle.
Good day,

Im a 13 year old male. I was in retrospect of your opinion about the pointless rant about the ipod touch. In consequence, the most appropriate responce wouldn`t having a futile argument over two completely different devices. the ipod is a system used for music, apps, and browsing purposes. The DSi in the other hand is a GAME system, Legitamently less popular in these cases, how much teenagers are asking for a DSi, not including me because I see from a completely different perspective. So truly you have no business saying the DSi sucks, and it is rather 'low class' of you to say so. Btw I used a DSi to post this.

Thanks :0
LinkinPark Mark
Jul 10, 2009 at 07:16 PM
I agree. It really sucks, you could only do stuff like read information, or look at pictures. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox would be better than MyOpera.When I try to go on stuff like Myspace, it takes forever to load.
P.S. My B-day is on July 25 too, awesome!!! Unfortunately, Im turning 12 only.
Glod R4i Can do that,,,You can buy it from Gameyeeeah
srry i didnt read wat u say
oh my god there is so much wrong with this question.

"It says I need flash. I wonder if it'll work on another site?"

Also, if you think it should be changed from Opera to INTERNET EXPLORER then you don't deserve to be on the internet.
You don't need IE its just there isn't any flash player.. DUH
Heey, (ll.)
But is there any manor to download abdobe flashplayer? And witchwone? Thank you kim