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i am not sure how to use this forum but i am trying to get this message out in case it helps anyone.

i am having this problem it seems. my monitor will go black then back off and on over and over. my monitor is a year old and is an lcd monitor. this just started a few weeks ago. when i go in safe mode and do system restore to a time i know it was working fine, all works just as it should. i have not yet figured out what or how changes are made that has caused this. it is working fine since my last time of it a couple of days ago and i went into safe mode and did system restore. once i got it up and working fine i created a personal restore point so if this happens again i can use it to go back to so that i do know i am going back to a working time.

i am trying to pay attention to what is going on to see what may be causing this as in ....
maybe when i do my system maintenance or maybe after a windows update etc ...
i have no idea what is being changed or how so all i know to do is keep paying attention and see if i can tell what changes might be made the next time this issue occurs.

SO ... before you buy anything and if you are able to go into safe mode ... try system restore back to a time you know all was working properly.

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this may be a driver issue.

make sure that you have the correct version of the video driver.

or try to update it.