Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly: how to fix it

Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly: how to fix it

Are you experiencing the issue of your Lenovo laptop screen going black every few seconds before resuming after a mouse click or a key press? This article will show what causes the issue and how to fix it.

Why does a Lenovo screen turn black?

There are several reasons that can cause your Lenovo screen turns black:

  • Hardware error: if some of your hardware is damaged or old, it can cause the black screen of your Lenovo computer.
  • Display issue: If the display is faulty, it can stop showing the picture.
  • Battery issue: If your Lenovo battery is old or damaged, or simply low, it can also create problems with the display.
  • Software problems: Windows OS or other software and apps can affect your screen display.

What to do if your Lenovo's screen goes black?

  • First of all, restart your computer without any peripherals connected to it. If, after the restart, the issue is fixed, the problem might be caused by peripherals.
  • Reset the Display Mode by pressing Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B keys. This might help to refresh your display connection and fix the issue.
  • Update your graphics drivers. If they are damaged or out of date, they could cause the display problems.
  • Update Windows to the latest version to make sure it's not related to an outdated Windows version.

If none of these techniques work, try to adjust the power plan settings by following this procedure:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. In the search bar, type Power options and press Enter.
  3. A Select a power plan window will be opened.
  4. Click on Change plan settings next to Balanced (recommended).
  5. In Turn off the display, select Never from the drop-down menu under both the options On battery and Plugged in.
  6. Now click on Save changes button.

If this doesn't help, you can also read our dedicated article on what to do when your computer boots to a black screen.

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