Would clicking "add to favorites" damage the other profiles?

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I have used Tiktok for 3 years without upload any video. I have used Tiktok like YouTube such as watching videos and follow accounts without any expectations. 

In the first year of using Tiktok, I click "like" (heart button) for each video which I like on the profile. However, I was blocked by some profiles since I did not get how "like" would damage on the other profiles. After a while, I perceived the many likes could make the other profiles into shadowban and limits the visibility of profiles. Therefore, I started to click "add to favorites" (bookmark button) for video which likes on instagram. But, I learned Tiktok notifies who favorites the videos to the profile owner with it's new update.

As a problem, although I did not click "like" button, comment or any private message to one female's profile, the owner of the profile blocked me since I added to favorites some videos. After I watched all videos of her, I was going to follow her. In fact, I am quite sad for the block and confused how I can use TikTok as a just viewer.

As far as I know, and explore shadowban and the reasons of limiting the visibility of videos: hate speech, cyber bullying, be reported any stealing or copying the other's videos, all forms of spamming of the profile owner, as not who viewer or adds to the other person's videos to the favorites. So, I did not get how the "add to favorites" button damages the other's profile.

My questions are:

1- Is clicking "add to favorites" button same status with "like" button which pushes other profiles into shadowban and limits their visibility?

2 - If clicking "add to favorites" button damages the other profile, how long do TikTok shadowban take?

3 - If I persuade the profile owner for lifting block, would my "add to favorites" actions, before her block, be activated and caused to limit  the visibility of her profile?

Android / Chrome 112.0.5615.136

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No, clicking "add to favorites" on Instagram does not have any negative impact on other profiles. It's a personal feature that allows you to easily access and revisit the content you enjoy.

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Jul 2, 2023 at 04:34 AM

No. Clicking the "add to favorites" button does not correspond with like button on TikTok; rather it allows you to save an individual video for future personal collection purposes without directly impacting its visibility or shadowban status of other profiles.

Shadowbans on TikTok can range in duration; usually though, they only last temporarily. As their exact duration can depend on various factors and algorithms of TikTok itself, providing an exact timeframe would be difficult.

If you can persuade the profile owner to lift his or her block, your previous "add to favorites" actions likely won't have any further detrimental effect. Once it is lifted, any restrictions placed due to it should also be gone.