Selfie video verification upload error

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Yesterday I was promoted to upload a selfie video to verify I’m the person who runs my Instagram account. I’ve tried uploading it all day and I get the same error message that says error please try again later. A never ending loophole. I’ve researched it & many people have been experiencing this issue since yesterday. I’ve tried resetting my phone, deleting & reinstalling the app, tried on a web browser, a friends phone, my second phone, connected a VPN... nothing. Anyone else have this issue or know a solution? Where can I fill out a help request form? I always get directed to the Instagrams help page which is also just a run around. It doesn’t give me an option to submit a help request form.

I attached a screenshot of the error message.

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 14.0

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Feb 2, 2021 at 10:51 AM
Hey guys, I'm talking about Brazil. had the same problem for 2 days, after trying hard to solve and email Instagram support without return. I tried to perform the procedure through a friend's phone. I have a Motorola Android, which was not working at all, my friend's phone is an Iphone 7 Plus, I tried his skin and it worked, I hope I can help
I will try this out I hope it works. Thank you very much. I also have an android so hopefully my friends iPhone works.
Hi, I had the same problem. I took a video selfie and it always showed me an error. and that for 3 days! :(
i have an iphone. just took the phone from my cousin who has a samsung, and it worked for her! I was able to log back in on her phone, and then on mine too.
Hello, I had same problem and I've solved using a different device than the one I usually use to log in....
try this method!
Hi guys, I had the same problems that you and I tried all these solutions that you posted here but none of them worked. So my last chance was log in in using my sister's iPhone since I just have 2 Android phones, and it worked.
I just put my account in her phone, then I received the SMS code for the security access, after that instead of getting the blank screen (like when I was using my Android) I got the video selfie process and after doing it I could send the video and thats all, I could get in in my account and everything was normal.
After that I log in again in my Android device (also with my computer) and everyting was fine, so my advice is to try with an IOS device.

Wish you luck!

this works! was trying to upload on an iPhone and kept receiving the error. tried it on an android and the video uploaded on the first try