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Thursday November 19, 2020
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November 19, 2020
 Newjackie2202 -

Yesterday I was promoted to upload a selfie video to verify I’m the person who runs my Instagram account. I’ve tried uploading it all day and I get the same error message that says error please try again later. A never ending loophole. I’ve researched it & many people have been experiencing this issue since yesterday. I’ve tried resetting my phone, deleting & reinstalling the app, tried on a web browser, a friends phone, my second phone, connected a VPN... nothing. Anyone else have this issue or know a solution? Where can I fill out a help request form? I always get directed to the Instagrams help page which is also just a run around. It doesn’t give me an option to submit a help request form.

I attached a screenshot of the error message.

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 14.0

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The same here :( Do you already have some news about it?
Same thing happened to me today... Any news?
This happened to me today also. Had anyone figured it out yet? I use my account for my business so if anyone could please help

I have same problem as well

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