Instagram Account Hacked!

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Two days ago my Instagram Artist Page was hacked. Despite 48 hrs trying to retrieve my account, I have got absolutely nowhere!

Instagram prompted me to upload a video selfie to verify my account. I have now gone through this process 7 times, and 7 times my video has been rejected for reasons, quote: We weren't able to confirm your identity from the video you submitted.

Obviously, I am a human being, not a robot. Photos and videos of myself are featured across my Instagram ... which I no longer am able to access. The hacker has placed an ad for BITCOIN on my grid. Everyone is aware I've been hacked and they've reported it.

Why and how are my verification selfies rejected by Instagram every time? I've even cleared my mobile app's data & cache.

My artist page is vitally important to me. I've spent 2 years of hard work building it up. Can anyone help me, PLEASE?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 99.0.4844.51

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In exactly the same boat. Very frustrating and it appears Instagram are using bots to review videos are they are coming back as rejected in less than 1 minute. Any help would be appreciated. No luck with Meta support or the selfie process. 8 years of hard work and some moron is posting bitcoin pictures...

I fooled myself too. The hacker asked me to send a screenshot of a text message. And then renamed account, changed email, and enabled two factor. The Instagram video selfie is a joke. I have given up now.


This exact same thing happened to me yesterday! I was able to change my password quickly enough that I don't think the hacker can get back into my account, but neither can I because they turned on external 2 factor authentication... Just gonna keep sending in a video selfie every couple hours until I get tired of it cause I can't get Instagram to remove my compromised account either.


Hi same thing has happened to me. How do you send video selfie if you cant log into your account?  

I sent one and it was rejected, bad light i think but now I cant get in to send another


I think I was hacked by the same person. From Phoenix.  I even got 2 IP address.  I'm trying to do the video selfie, buts it's not doing anything. It's not telling me to turn my head or anything.  I'm not very techy. I don't know what else to do.

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