HD won't mount after deleting contents of Desktop folder ?

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The title is a bit misleading.   I'll try to keep it short and to the point. 

Have a laptop ( Windows 10 OS ) with blue screen syndrome due to some touch screen issue.  The SATA drive would not boot in regular mode because of this "tabtip.exe" error problem which started off with the occasional blue screen and then finally culminated in the HD would not boot at all UNLESS is SAFE MODE. 

I removed the HD and successfully mounted it using my linux machine in order to collect the important files in case the OS was unrepairable.  I did a "cut" and "paste" on all the files within the  ...Users/username/Desktop folder.  ( I should not have "cut" them .. I suppose ).     In any case, a few of the files within a folder failed to copy for a reason I can't recall and I "skipped" those.  

After that operation, the drive was no longer able to be mounted by linux or the original laptop it was in.   

I can not understand what file or folder could have been in that Desktop folder such that the removal of it caused such a problem.  I can't seem to re-mount that drive no matter what I do.   

Any and all advice is appreciated. 

Linux / Chrome

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May 6, 2023 at 08:18 AM

Cutting files instead of copying may have contributed to some issues with transfer. Copying is always safer as this way you still have access to originals in case something goes amiss during transfer; however this might not have been the cause of all problems here.

Failing further information, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly the source of this error message; however it could be that some essential system files were located within Desktop folder and deleting these caused an OS unbootability error or even could indicate physical issues with hard drive itself.

One option might be switching computers in order to mount your hard drive there; if this doesn't work, professional services might need to be involved to recover its contents.