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Samsung g3 station external hard drive 1.5tb

1.5TB G3 station external hard drive powering on but not doing anything, not evening showing on pc, white light just stay on, what can I do to solve t...


My lenovo g500s has a boot problem when i am trying to turn

Hello, My Lexicon G500s is not working something has been damaged and when I tried to turn on it I would be on but a screen will appear in front with ...


Toshiba external hard drive not showing on my computers

Toshiba external Hard drive (USB 3.0; 500GB) not showing on my computers but its blue light is on. It is also showing in the printers and devices und...

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Water-damaged wd mybook studio edition ii quad interface 6tb

Hello, this is my 1st post and the reason why I joined. I have a water-damaged hard drive 6TB that had water on-or-in it for 1 day and then I dried it...

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How to store hdd safely


Does the DVD burner drive have a magnet If I store an HDD next to a 3 unit DVD drive, will the DVD drive's magnet generate badblocks and delete files ...

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Are my hard drives healthy and genuine?


Hello, This two 1TB HDDs is good or bad for some storage files?

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Best software to test hdd health


Hello, What best software to test external HDD search badblocks and errors?​​​​​​​

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Doubts about my hard disk bought on aliexpress


Hello, My brother bought an external HDD (closed case + notebook HDD) on aliexpress but he thinks this HDD is used but he opened SMART or some HDD pr...

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Transcend external hd not detected

Hello, I can hear my transcend hard disk spinning but the blue light that normally flickers as it connects wont show up. Also, It is not being detect...


Getting a drive detected in this pc

In my x32Win10ProV22H2, I have SSDs that are connected via SATA ports, but whose power can be switched on (and off) as required. The BIOS has been set...

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Corrupt/unreadable hard drive


My WD Elements hard drive is corrupt or unreadable and I would love a solution. Anyone have any tips to solve this problem at home? When I plug the h...

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Undetected hard drive

My transcend external hard drive is not dectatable  even as the light is on. The drive was working perfectly until yesterday when it was not detected ...

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Hd won't mount after deleting contents of desktop folder ?

Hello, The title is a bit misleading.   I'll try to keep it short and to the point.  Have a laptop ( Windows 10 OS ) with blue screen syndrome due t...

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Hard disk light on but not working

Hello, I have been using this Transcend external hard disk drive however last night it wouldn’t open, the light is turned on and not blinking and als...

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Not your average hard drive problem...

Hello, I have a Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD that is technically working fine, but it is running some kind of internal process that takes up 100% of its...

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Can i find my stolen wb passport external hard drive?


Hello, I am looking for my stolen WB Passport external hard drive

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To recover hidden file by the win mend folder hidden

Hello, sir. i am using win mend folder hidden software it is good software but recently i get some problem i cant see any files in software w...

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Hard drive wont show up even in device manager or disk manager


I've used this hard drive everyday and stored my files there. Unfortunately, it's not appearing in my computer but the blue LED lights up and I can he...

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Can't transfer data from external hard drive


Hi, I recently started having problems with my external hard drive (Seagate Expansion 1TB), after 2-3 years of flawless performance. It started off...

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Toshiba external hard drive suddenly stopped functioning

Hello, I have a Toshiba Canvio Basic 1TB external hard drive. I'm an aspiring game developer/artist and I have several years' worth of work on it. ...

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Problem with a hp envy hard drive

Hi, I have a 2017 HP 17 Envy, recently the computer crashed after upgrading to Win 11 and I have tried various ways to get it to work, I got " Critica...

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Ssd & hdd internal hd on imac

Hello all, I have an SSD120 which is the start up HD and an internal 1TB HDD. I use Logic Pro and a LOT of plug ins but I need Logic to read the plug...

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Wd mybook locked out,forgot pssd

Hello, I have a WD MYBOOK Essential 4t purchased back in 2009.Used for many years and still is functioning w/o problem. It has been 2 years since...

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Wd my passport wireless pro. this has never connected to wifi

Hello, This device has bever connected to wifi. Nor has it ever given a wifi signal for other devices to connect to. This is a $250 paperweight. ...

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My wd hdd lights up, fans spin

Hello, My WD HDD lights up, fans spin, but doesnt show up in device manager. I have some important work stuff in it. So would be nice if I got ...

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Unlock external hard drive, lost password. trying not to loose files

I forgot my external hard drive password. Is there any way to unlock it with out erasing it. Don't want to loose the files.

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My 20 gb folder is suddenly dissapper

My 20 Gb Folder Is Suddenly DIssappear i have checked the hidden file folder it's not there and and i have checked all the folder it' not been moved o...

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Clean up c drive

Hello... I am using windows 10 pro, sometimes I follow that my PC's C drives are full but I don't install any software, Is it the cause to slow down ...

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I forgot the hdd password what do i do

Hello, Toshiba U400- 10J

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Toshiba hdd blue light stays on not blinking and it goes off

Hello, Pls my Toshiba 1TB external hard drive the blue light stays for a while and goes off but the drive still spins pls can anyone help cos I have...

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Red light on my western digital my cloud nas drive

Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to let me know how I might be able to extract the information from this drive. I can hear the disc is ...

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No hard drive detected after diskpart clean- list disk: none

Hello, I just used Disk Part, cleaned HDD to rid bitlocker and recovery issue (no key). I'm attempting to install Windows 10 on my system, now the...

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Partitions hidden

Hello, please , i have a hard disk does not show partitions , even in formatting

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Hard drive not detected on device manager after diskpart clean


Hiya I messing around with the partition on my hard drive due to error else where. Thats when I borrowed a clean 1TB external hard drive to use as a r...

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Wd 1tb my passport not showing any files on mac

Hello, My 1 TB WD external drive was working fine, and I plugged it in today and no files are showing up. Disk utility shows that there is still t...

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Hard disk showing empty memoy space and empty folder

My extension hard disk showing folder empty and shows empty memory space. Please I need urgent help

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Blue light blinking every second

Hello, My Toshiba external harddisk light blinking every second Is the harddisk is well or not(any problem)

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Diskpart -> list disk-> size of disk 0 bytes(internal hardisk actual size

Hello, I am not able to see internal harddisk when i do list disk in diskpart. please help.

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Hard drive boot failure

My bios detect the the hard drive on my Optiplex machine but when it runs it says no bookable device is found.

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Hard drive issue

My one Tb Transcend hard drive just stopped working. When I plugged it on my PC, it vibrate and the light indicator shows up but not recognized on the...

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Wd passport

hey guys. my wd passport isnt wanting to read due to malfunction. what originally happened was i was stupid, and i didnt even think about safely eject...

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Harddrive damage??

My storejet 25M3 hard drive isnt detecting even in disk management window what do I do

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Error of local disk format

Hello, when ever i open my local disk e it ask me to format my disk e but when i click on format disk it restarts the computer and says something went...

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Hello, I recently went to collect data at friends pc which runs the system on SSD but when I connect to my pc which has no SSD the files don't show

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David Webb  

I loose my data from my 4 tb seagate external hard disk, please help

So the thing is, I am trying to reinstall windows on my pc. While all of my 5-6 external hard drives are connected to the pc. And windows installation...

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David Webb  

Wd external 1tb

Hello, have a issue with my external keep on asking to format. When i do that it does not complete the format due to corrupt file or system driver not...

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Show hidden files from hard disk

Hello, I’m not able see some of my files from external hard disk which are actually present there.please help out of this problem

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External passport unlocked, cannot access drive contents

Happy New Year, everyone. I have a WD PASSPORT FOR MAC. I unlocked the drive but cannot access the drive contents. I have tried entering different pas...

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David Webb  

Hdd not detecting while windows setup

Hello, My core 2 duo desktop HDD shown in BIOS only, not showing windows setup, how to resolve this issue pl advice

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My external hard drive showing i/o error because i copied big data in it

Hello, I copied a big data collection on my external hard drive, so now it is not working. Probably data has removed its software to work for I/O. ...

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