My Ipod Nano 8Gb wont let me download movies

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My Ipod nano 8Gb wont let me download videos onto it. The files are mpg. How do you chnage the mpg to jpg?

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well I have a movie on itunes but every time I try to drag it over to my ipod it doesnt download
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Try double clicking on the Ipod icon in Itunes. Then, click on movies. Next, check the install movies box. Then in the bottom left corner click apply.
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i have the same problem, but when I go to movies and try to sync, it says it will delete all my songs and replace them with my movie
> bonjourmotherfucker123
This did the trick - thanks so much! You rock.
if nothing else has worked, here's what I did:
-went you itunes, manually allowed change
-drag movie in to ipod
-go on ipod settings
-go to amin menu (its on the settings)
-then check movie
-enjoy sweety=]
You don't want to change it to jpg- that is a photo file. You need to change it from an mpg to: m4v

that is the video format supported by Quicktime/Ipod
plz change it to mp4 format ,thats all it needs
I bought the movie.I plugged my ipod into the computer and says connected and synchronizing but the movie doesnt go through...Little help?
i pod supports mpeg4 format ... there is a free application called videora first change the format of the file to mpeg4then transfer a you transfer songs to ipod