My Nokia N73 has become very slow

Clamy - Jul 26, 2009 at 10:05 AM
 franzkiie - Apr 30, 2013 at 05:24 AM
My Nokia N73 has become very slow to open Messages, search for Telephone directory etc. It is also very slow while "Back", "Cancel" buttons. Telephone directory has 230 numbers stored and Messages in Inbox, went box are not more than 15. Memory used is 505 MB and Free 477 MB. Most of the used memory is in the form of recorded video clips and sound clips. I do not use Blue tooth or infrared to speak or data transfer.
Please suggest how it can be re-done to perform like before

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use the following steps :
1. First come on to your standby menu (by pressing red key)
2.Then hold the pencil key which is below the menu pressing the pencil key switch off your mobile
3.After 3 to 4 sec switch on your n73 mobile by holding pencil key.
4.Now see how much ram would it freed by using "Y-task" software.

Plz dont ignore my answer I have solved my problem and I want to tell it to every n73 user.
plz remember me for a few second everyday when using mobile.
I am your friend and MY NAME IS A F.
Thanks ASIF ur solution really works
first I just take it a joke, how this simple approach cud work?
but it did nice job, my cell with 857 msg in inbox is opening like a flash....!!!
Awesome... thanks really
Really it is very very useful................. Thanks
thanks its work
How can phone be switched off using the Pencil key.
doesn't work in my case
i can't turn my n73 off with pencil key.. what will I do?
i have format my 2gb memostick on my pc. n when I put it back on my n73 n if I use memory card to recieve message ,it cant show the message. so I cant use memo card to recieve msg. help me please
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Jul 26, 2009 at 10:16 AM
hi there,

make a backup of your contacts and personal files on your memory card

remove the memory card

go to phone settings and make a factory reset and update its firmware

then restore from your memory card

Hello Nokia help,
Please advise me how to back up data from my Nokia N73 to my Dell PC using Data cable.
Thanks & Regards,
Hi Asif

I try your suggestion in little doubt but surprisingly now it is working properly
but I am not confident about it performance for future

Thanks & Regards
Hi lucky
Pls tell me how could you manage to switch off the phone with the mentioned step... it didn't work at all in my case.

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Hi there,

make a backup of your contacts and personal files on your memory card

remove the memory card
simple come to desktop and dial *#7370#
thn yes