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suppose date has mention 1/1/09 and no month name then how to get the month name

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Danny, did you even try Venkat's solution.

I tried it and it works like a charm, guess you would like to read it again:

Suppose you have 1/1/09 in cell A1,
Then use cell B1 to input this formula: =TEXT(A1,"mmm") .
If you want the full monthname instead of 3 letters add another m,
like this =TEXT(A1,"mmmm") .

Hope it's clear now.

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it is not working
i m trying to convert my date into month text it shows whole formula in the cell where the formula typed,

my date format is:

can you plz explain will this formula work on this type of date format?
Perfect! Thanks.
its simple, u've to combine d-elecminate function in excel... i.e first select colmun containg the date as, the press ctrl+d+e, this will open a window use d-elimiate and in other check box use "/". This will separate date into three columns, convert first colum into number, them use & to replace date with month column.
Once all done convert again number into date column.. :)
Thanks for your nice tips
Thanks for help
Solution works great and easier too. hatsoff.
worked great for me too. You can also use "dddd" or "yyyy" if you want to display the day or year respectively.
Thanx great tip