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LibreOffice is an office suite that can be an alternative to Microsoft Office. It was developed by The Document Foundation and was initially released in January 2011. It contains a word processor, a spreadsheet editor, a presentation solution, and many other tools.

What are the key features of LibreOffice?

  • Interface: LibreOffice interfaces have been refined over the years and provide a user-friendly and intuitive environment.
  • Writer: LibreOffice Writer is a modern word processor solution that provides everything you need to create all kinds of texts. Fully equipped with many fonts, rulers, style formatting solutions, arrays, graphics, and more, you will find all the tools required to compose your masterpiece.
  • Calc: LibreOffice Calc is a spreadsheet editor that can process a vast amount of data and numbers very efficiently. You can organize all your data in several spreadsheets, use formulas to automate computation and diagrams to show what truly matters, and create complex pipelines of data effortlessly.
  • Impress: LibreOffice Impress is a presentation program similar to Microsoft Powerpoint. It lets you compose slides with all kinds of images, texts, videos, and hyperlinks and set up stylish animations and transitions. In addition, you can control the viewer experience and follow your notes during presentations.
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  • Draw: This is a vector graphics editor, diagram tool, and raster graphics editor to create all kinds of diagrams and compositions of objects, images, and more. As it includes lots of different shapes and objects, you can use it no matter what your business is about.
  • Base: LibreOffice Base is a database management program that allows you to create and manage databases. Like Microsoft Access, it can also be used for demanding tasks as a front-end for various database management systems.
  • Math: This is an application designed to edit and create mathematical formulae that can be incorporated into other documents of the LibreOffice suite, such as Writer or Calc.
  • Compatibility: LibreOffice supports most of the major file formats and lets you export your documents in any of them frictionlessly, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, among others. In addition, it is essential to note that it is compatible with the OpenDocument (ODF) open standard format.
  • Full of content: No matter the tool you use, you have access to an extensive range of templates to make you save time or find inspiration.
  • Multilanguage: To ensure it can spread worldwide, it is available in 119 languages.
  • Extendable: As LibreOffice supports third-party extensions, you have access to a massive repository of over 320 extensions to extend the core features and find perfect solutions for your specific needs.

How to use LibreOffice?

Once installed, you can open LibreOffice and select the solution you need. If you want to learn how to use the whole LibreOffice suite, you can consult the dedicated guide.

Is LibreOffice free?

LibreOffice is open-source and is downloadable for free.

Is LibreOffice safe?

It seems that LibreOffice has no history of major security or safety issues. It is open-source, which means that you can always check the code.

Is LibreOffice better than OpenOffice?

Both LibreOffice and OpenOffice offer a reliable and powerful environment, and each one has pros and cons if you closely look at them. In short, we recommend you try both of them and pick the one you prefer.

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