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D-DUBZ - Aug 1, 2009 at 07:25 PM
 D-DUBZ - Aug 1, 2009 at 09:08 PM
Hi, a mate brought his comp to me with no pic , i have tried all tests {rubber,processor,ram out} but to no avail ... i have now put a new mobo in ASUS P5PE-VM , it has 1gb ram {1 stick} .... is there a chance that the power supply is not working correctly ? having looked at the mobo manual, which i found online, it says it needs a minimum 300w to power it , the one in comp is min 250w max 300w ..... i have taken the h/drive out and put in my external case and am able to access files on it {so think thats ok} ... there are no beeps with or without ram in.... any advice from anyone greatly recieved ..... also is there a test i can do to make sure power supply is working ok ... many thanks in advance for anyone that can help

comp is an E.S 102
celeron D336
80gb h/drive
xp pro

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i have now done the ''short'' test on p/supply and the fans start working {so thats ok ?}
the processor gets hot {will try pent 4 in it later just in case}
have tried different ram in there
surely it can't be the new mobo with on board graphics

Any SUPER HEROES got any help & advice cos i'd love to know if i'm missing something
or just plain stupid { no comments on that please . lol }

I'll give a free air guitar to anyone that can help me out here

will update later once i've tried another processor