Did not pass integrity check (16236.304.443) [Solved/Closed]

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I am trying to instal adobe flash player in Windows vista, IE 8.

As soon as download and installation starts, everything seems fine. The progress bar reaches 100% and stays there for some time. Then, I get an integrity check error. Any idea what I am doing wrong ? Please refer to these pics:

1.) http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af162/rbharath25/flash.jpg
2.) http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af162/rbharath25/flash2.jpg
3.) http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af162/rbharath25/flash4.jpg

I tried saving the file to my desktop instead of downloading but when i click the icon it says NSIS error. If I try to download the flashplayer from a different site, a pop up comes up saying "windows has found a problem with this file."

I've already tried downloading google chrome but an error comes up when i try.
I've tried downloading firefox but the browser aborts and exits when I try.
I've already turned off my windows firewall.

Someone please help. I've had this problem for almost a week and had been on the computer for hours looking at different forums. None seemed to match my problem or be of any help.
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Thank you
Here's the official fix from ADOBE.


I followed the instructions and flash installed fine first time! Hope it works for you too!

Thank you, buddy 3

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The official fix did not work. It keep saying there is insufficient privalages and i do not know how to fix it.
Thank you
Try downloading it from another source.
I got exactly the same error when trying to install it from Adobe via Youtube.

After trying a few times I gave up. As part of my attempts, I followed the instructions for uninstalling flash player. Later I went to a news website with embedded videos. It told me that I needed to update and when I used its link it worked.

Hope it helps.
ive tryed alll the tricks that i have read when it comes tho this adobe flash player....downloading the uninstaller...turning my antivirus OFF ..re downloading abode (the newest one) grrrrr now it says that it didnt pass the integtity test...??? now what...do i feel totaly screwed here,,its doing it on my laptop also y BRANDNEW LESS THAT 24 HOUR OLD desk top. Im soooo lost. And fusterated! What can i do.what do i do...help me please someone anyone.
Thank you
To fix this ploblem you have to follow these steps.

1. Click "Tools" in the menu bar of Internet Explorer browser.
2. Click "Internet Options".
3. Click "Advanced" tab.
4. Choose "Reset" and Click "Reset button" again when it prompted.
5. Close Internet Explorer browser and open it again.
6. Input the personel settings again(For example: proxy setting etc.).

Good luck!
worked perfect for me. thanks
after troubleshooting for HOURS...this was finally the solution for me!! thanks so much for posting!!!! phewww!!!
Thank you
So much for Windows 7 is better than Vista etc. Brand new installation of Windows 7 and I am getting this error when I try to install one of the most trusted addin that exists. Adobe Flash Player!!
Here is the answer. Turn off every security feature that you can find and it will work.
Thank you
um I tried going to tools and resetting the advanced setting, what do I click on after that to get past the integrity check. I got windows 7. Ive tryed everything, uninstalling, restalling, turning off all security, Im completly computer illiterate..please help. trying to download adobe flash player
Thank you
oh and what do you mean by proxy settings
Thank you
1) Download Flash Player Uninstaller and uninstall flash player
2) Download and install Flash Player 9 from Adobe Archives page
3) Then install Flash Player 10